Security and cameras

In this house, security at home has been improved with cameras, photo-beam detectors, well placed lights, with low costs and good benefits.

1. Cameras

Four IP cameras are installed and connected (two wired and one wireless)  to the internal network, placed as follows:

a) At the entrance of the house an outdoor FI8904W Foscam camera, $ 79.99

b) At the backyard an outdoor FI8904W Foscam camera, $ 79.99.

c) Near indoor upstairs an indoor FI8918W Foscam camera, $ 59.99. 

d) At the outside entrance...

There are several ways to monitor (locally or remotely) online via Internet these cameras:

a) On Internet using any browser follow these links: Backyard Camera, Entrance Camera, Stairs Camera. Also, all cameras can be watched online with a service offered by allcameras.

b) With a tablet or smartphone that has an android application that was build for this purpose.

c) With a service of
that shows the camera on line and the images of the last events
. This service allows to watch the videos obtained from these events. For example:  live camera and events

This service allows to monitor the presence of intruders and permits to store images and videos when a motion is detected. There is not a local server for recording videos, instead of this the information is sent to, this ensures the information availability  in case of house theft consequently the server and data lose.

2. Photo-beam detectorsPhoto-bean detectors

A twin photobean detector: Enforcer E-960-D90Q, is installed on the top of the front wall house. This device creates a cross beam and detects any intruder that passes through the beam area. An Arduino control processes the signal received when the bean is broken, it activates a sound alarm and sends an email message to alert about the incident.

These devices are placed and attached to two iron square tubes, which are mounted on the upper ends of the front wall.

Also, these detectors are integrated with an Arduino Control.

List of materials and budget:

3. Well placed lights.
At night, so that there are no dark areas, some well placed lights are turned on automatically. Inside the house, two LED bulbs are turned on with a light sensor. Also, outside the house seven LED bulbs are turned on automatically on at 6:00 o'clock in the afternoon and turned off at 6:00 o'clock in the morning, this schedule can be set using the light control with an Android Application.