* Efficient appliances

This house has some special appliances and devices, which reduce the power consumption at home and save money. Although the initial cost is high, at medium term (a few months) the purchase of these appliances is justified.

Some of these appliances are: an induction cook-top, a convection oven, a LED Smart TV, a projector, some tablets and smart-phones, two laptops, and others like refrigerator, washing machine, dish washer and drier with high efficiency.

In this house, there are no desktop computers, no server computer, no blue rays, no CD's, no DVD's. All the needed information is stored on a cloud server, and also on hired services like Netflix.

Also, in this house the gas is not used, considering that this combustible is not ecological and sometimes dangerous for people. Water is heated with solar energy.

1. Induction Cooktop

The induction cookto

p Teka IR 840 of 4,000 W and 220V uses electromagnetic induction to heat food. The power consumption of this cooker is high but food cooks rapidly, so that the result is to save energy. Also, this cooker is secure for children because the containers or cookware are not heated. Its power consumption can be monitored remotely and online in the following link cooktop power.2. Convection Oven

The convection oven, a TEKA Teka HA 860 of 3,000 W, has fans to circulate air around food. Like the induction cooktop, food is cooked faster than in a conventional oven. This appliance is rarely used, instead a small Microwawe is utilized to cook food rapidly using less energy.

3. LED Smart TV and Projector

The SAMSUNG LED smart TV, located in the master bedroom, has low power consumption (220 W), it automatically adjusts the brightness of the image on the TV, for more intelligent energy management.

Induction Cooker

The projector, an Epson Powerlite 95, is located at the gym room, has a low power consumption and has some energy saving features.

The Smart TV and projector are connected to the LAN internal network. This allows to watch via Internet many videos and movies.

4. High efficiency appliances.

Concerning other appliances in the house such as refrigerator, washing machine, drier, dishwasher, and so on, these devices have high efficiency.

The washer, a Whirlpool 7MWTW1812AW model, 567.8 W - 127V, is Energy Start.

The dryer, a Whirlpool 7MWED1600BM1 model, 230V - 26A.