Belconnen-University of Canberra Chess Club

Welcome to the Belconnen-University of Canberra chess club website. The club meets every Tuesday at 7pm for a 7:15pm start at the University of Canberra in Building 18, located on the eastern side of Haydon Drive (number 170) near the intersection with Ginninderra Drive. There is usually someone present from around 6:45pm so please come early if you can.
Time controls for most tournaments are 60 minutes with 30 second increments. 
Please email Cam Cunningham to advise your intention to join the club or simply turn up on the night.  I am happy to provide my phone number by email.
Club membership for the year costs $25 ($15 concessional) covering ratings expenses. 
The club welcomes players of all strengths.








Important Note:   Once again 2018 will see continued strict enforcement of start times.  All games will commence at 7:15pm sharp.  This means that if you are expecting to be late you must inform me by phone before then – the earlier the better.  Your game will also start at 7:15pm, meaning that your clock will be started and your opponent will benefit from your lost time.  Other late arrivals can expect to miss out, unless they can be paired with other late arrivals – depending on the good graces of the director of play. 

Tournament Schedule 2019


This year the club hosted the ACT Chess Association Lightning Championships on 30 January, time control was 5 minutes flat per player.

University Cup (60m30s – 7 Rounds)                        5 February – 19 March

Murphy Memorial (60m30s – 7 Rounds)                    26 March – 7 May


Autumn Leaves (60m30s – 7 Rounds)                       14 May – 25 June


Rapid Championship (25m10s – 6 Rounds)               2 July – 16 July


Korda Chess Classic (60m30s – 7 Rounds)                23 July – 3 September


Club Championships - FIDE Rated

                                    (60m30s – 7 Rounds)              10 September – 22 October


Swiss Festive Fun (60m30s – 6 Rounds)                    29 October – 3 December


Christmas Lightning (9 Rounds)                                10 December