Eastlake Gungahlin (formerly Belconnen) Chess Club

Welcome to the Eastlake Gungahlin (Belconnen) Chess Club website. The club was formerly the Belconnen/University of Canberra Chess Club.

Starting on 2 February 2021 the GCC will meet every Tuesday at 7pm for a 7:15pm start at the Eastlake Gungahlin Club, 51 Hinder Street, Gungahlin. There is usually someone present from around 6:45pm so please come early if you can.

If you intend to join the Eastlake Gungahlin Chess Club we would strongly encourage you to join the Eastlake Club (very cheap!) and you'll then be free to walk straight in every week (adhering to Covid protocols, of course). The Eastlake Club offer us the venue for free so it is a nice way to show appreciation.

Eastlakes Gungahlin Club (GCC) offers full club facilities, including food and beverages, with free undercover car parking on site.  Please check out their facilities at:

Time controls for most tournaments are 60 minutes with 30 second increments. 
Please email Cam Cunningham to advise your intention to join the club or simply turn up on the night.  I am happy to provide my phone number by email.
GCC membership for the year costs $25 ($15 concessional) covering ACTCA affiliation and ratings expenses.  In addition the Eastlakes Club requires membership of their club at $15 for three years.  Junior players will need a parent to join Eastlakes and to accompany the junior player into and out of the club.  Also junior players will need to stay in the playing room between arrival and departure.
The club welcomes players of all strengths.





Important Note:   The GCC will continue strict enforcement of start times.  All games will commence at 7:15pm sharp.  This means that if you are expecting to be late you must inform me by phone before then – the earlier the better.  Your game will also start at 7:15pm, meaning that your clock will be started and your opponent will benefit from your lost time.  Other late arrivals can expect to miss out, unless they can be paired with other late arrivals – depending on the good graces of the director of play. 

Tournament Schedule 2021


ACT Lightning Championships 2021 (5m - 9 rounds)                 2 February 


Ramakrishna Gogulapati Memorial (60m30s – 7 Rounds)          9 Feb – 23 March 


Murphy Memorial (60m30s – 7 Rounds)                                       30 March – 11 May


Belconnen Cup (60m30s – 7 Rounds)                                           18 May – 29 June


Rapid Championship (25m10s – 6 Rounds)                                  6 July – 20 July


Korda Chess Classic (60m30s – 7 Rounds)                                  27 July – 7 Sept


Club Championships - FIDE Rated

                                    (60m30s – 7 Rounds)                              14 Sept – 26 Oct


Swiss Festive Fun (60m30s – 6 Rounds)                                       2 Nov – 7 Dec


Christmas Lightning (9 Rounds)                                                    14 Dec


 Players may miss rounds with the agreement of the DOP:

  • A player will be awarded a bye for any missed round, provided the DOP receives the bye request prior to one hour before the scheduled start time of the round. If the bye request is received within one hour of the scheduled start time of the round, the DOP may optionally award a bye or declare a forfeit.
  • A player may receive up to two 1/2 point byes during a tournament. Any further byes will be 0 point byes.
  • A bye in the second half of a tournament will be a 0 point bye. For example, in a six round tournament any byes in the last three rounds will be 0 point byes; in a nine round tournament any byes in the last four rounds will be 0 point byes.