Bartlesville Astronomy Club

The Bartlesville Astronomical Society meets monthly to share experiences, exchange information and learn about the fascinating and ever changing world of astronomy.  Our members conduct public star parties (observing sessions), providing the opportunity for everyone to see the celestial wonders of the night sky through telescopes and binoculars.  But you don't need a telescope to join.  The Bartlesville Astronomy Club is open to anyone with an interest in astronomy and a desire to learn.

If you have an interest in astronomy, we encourage you to join the Bartlesville Astronomical Society.  Whether you're curious about stars and constellations, planets, asteroids and comets, solar or lunar eclipses, black holes, galaxies, meteor showers or any other aspects of space and astronomy, the Bartlesville Astronomical Society has something to offer.
 Monday, August 4

Bartlesville Public Library

6:45 p.m.   Setup and Discussion
7:00 p.m.   Club Business
7:15 p.m.   Current Astronomy News
Object of the Month

7:30 p.m.

Program To Be Announced

by TBA

Program to be announced.

2014 BAS Programs

 Month  Program  Presenter
 Jan Next Generation Telescopes Virgil Reese
 Feb Supernova in M82 Daryl Doughty
 Mar Cancelled due to Weather
 Apr Aurora Tour Kelly Fox
 May Radio Astronomy Mike Maloney
 Jun Sunfest
Jul Astrophotography Daryl Doughty
 Aug TBA


Blood Moon

Photo by Mike Woods

Blood Moon by Mike Woods

Total Lunar Eclipse 4/15/14, 2:30 a.m.

8" Celestron, Canon 60D   (click photo to enlarge)

Total Lunar Eclipse Composite 4/15/14

Photo by Daryl Doughty

Meade AR6 Refractor, Canon 1000D
(click photo to enlarge)