May: Swap Meet, cable test#2 Members brought items to sell/swap in the parking lot out of their trunks before the meeting- a real "Car Boot Sale" as they call them in the UK. We also blind tested two different sets of speaker cables with and without a correction circuit in place. After that we will have a Bring and Brag music listening event where guests are encouraged to bring along any new finds on CD, Vinyl, and now that we have a multi-format player, we can support SACD and DVD-A (and possibly others?)

April: We conducted a blind listening test comparing speaker cables against each other (some _very_ high end). This was a fun event where we evaluated the effects various speaker cables may (or may not) have on the club system. The audience had judging sheets where they selected A or B in each round as their preference based on a short musical selection. results published here and in Stereophile's News Page

March: Manufacturers Rep Peter Armstrong will be discussing and showing the Opalum Line of speakers. Opalum is a Swedish based company that specializes in Scandinavian

designed audio products. Peter will have a company representative on

hand for the meeting as well. Check it out http://www.opalum.com/

February: Our Guest was be Dennis Petrich, a product design engineer from Audio Research Corporation, a Plymouth, MN based High-End audio

manufacturer. Dennis discussed Audio Research's latest digital


January: Bring and Brag - For reference, here is the list of cuts played.

1. Rachmaninoff "Symphonic Dances" MN Orchestra with Eiji Oue, Conductor. (Reference Recordings).

2. Buffalo Horse "C'mon Dance" from "You Look Good The Way You Dance" Arbor AR-12982.

3. "And Her Mother Came Too" Gosford Park Soundtrack.

4. Luke Bryan "Harvest Time" from "Tailgates and Tanlines".

5. Rob McConnell Orchestra " A Tribute to Art Fern".

6. Davina Vagabonds "Black Cloud" from "Start Runnin'".

7. Dave Grusin "Fascinatin' Rhythm" from "The Gershwin Connection".

8. Louis Armstrong "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" from "I've Got The World On A String". (Classic 4 -LP reissue 45 rpm).

9. The Black Keys "Lonely Boy" Nonesuch records.

10. Jimi Hendrix "Red House" from "Experience Pt.2" LP

11. Howlin' Wolf "Howlin' For My Darlin'", Southern Music CD13.

12. Moonbound "Flash Through Your Brain" from "Peak Of Eternal Light".

13. Holly Cole "The Briar And The Rose" from "Temptation" Metro Blue CDP72438 3165322.

14. Count Basie "April In Paris" From "April In Paris" Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LP MFSL 1-237.

15. Ray Charles "It Was A Very Good Year" and "Fever" from "Genius Loves Company".

16. Zach Brown Band "Colder Weather" from "You Get What You Give".

17. Gary Karr with Harmon Lewis "Adagio d' Albinoni" from burned CDR.

18. Jelloslave & Tom Hambleton " Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Goosehonk".



October: Acoustic Geometry - We will be hearing from John Calder the principal inventor of the products the company offers. He will do an overview of his products and cover room acoustics and hopefully take a look at our room and offer suggestions.