Highlights of our 2007-2008 Season

May: We announce the results from last month's speaker design contest. We gave out awards and Wally Malewicz presents concerning the measurement results. After Wally is finished giving us all a primer on measurements, we listen to the unlimited class winner with Subwoofers connected.

Apr: We host our 2008 Loudspeaker Design Challenge. Seven sets of speakers, all using the same drivers but made unique by the individual members' construction and crossover choices, are evaluated for sound quality and aesthetics by the membership. Wally Malewicz, of WAM Engineering, performed technical measurements on each set. Founder Cliff Digre and President Dan Digre from Misco Speakers, a local loudspeaker driver manufacturer, introduced themselves and brought some designers from their company. New member Don M. unveiled a set of handcrafted trophies he made for the event.

Mar: Ron Ennenga gives a presentation on Audio compression methods and we listen to Vorbis (AoTuv), MP3 (LAME) and *.wav files from a PC with an external USB soundcard and also a small <$50 hardware player. Compression artifacts were quite evident on the club system, even at very high bitrates.

Feb: Bill Fraser and Eric Zetterwal delight us with a restored E.H Scott Radio from the 1930's in the main room and afterward we have our annual Bring 'n Brag music fest in the Minnesota room.

Jan: Jerry Zelesnikar from Audition Audio (612-379-8024) brings three sets of speakers from Shahinian Acoustics (Models: Compass, Arc and Obelisk) and we gave all of them a workout with our favorite tunes.

Nov: Paul Lawless of Sjöfn HiFI demonstrates a Xindak C06 CD Player and A06 Integrated Amplifier, and the GURU QM10 Loudspeakers!

Oct: Brian Walsh of Essential Audio brings the Abbingdon Research CD-77 CD player and AM-77 Amplifier.

Sept: Dale Pitcher of Intuitive Design demonstrates his Summit Loudspeaker with local dealer James DaRosa of Choice Audio.