May: Chris Connaker from Computer Audiophile explains his very high end computer based audio system and responds to numerous questions, displaying an impressive grasp of the topic. There is a lot of interest in this subject, and his site is a good resource.

April: John Stronczer of Bel Canto Design presented a new lineup of equipment. He also demonstrated computer based audio files, many with high bit depth and sampling rates.

March:Steve Huntley of Great Northern Sound, discussed modification of high end audio gear and off-the-shelf equipment available at Great Northern Sound Co. Steve also had an open forum to discuss modifications for those DIY’ers that have an interest in learning more about tweaking and improving gear

Feb:We Tour local loudspeaker manufacturer Minneapolis Speaker Company (MISCO). Their President, Dan Digre, and design and manufacturing engineers walk us through the history, design and manufacturing process of their very broad line of loudspeakers.

Jan:Paul Wethe gave us a CES update before the start of our annual "Bring and Brag" where members bring a wonderful variety of music selections for all to hear played over the club system. Vinyl albums were once again well represented.

Nov: Our November get-together featured another outstanding Minnesota hi-fi manufacturer, Frank Van Alstine of Audio by Van Alstine, who demonstrated several amplifiers and DACs, and took the covers off many of his popular models so we could see inside.

Oct:We explored the airwaves and look at the history and technology of FM Radio. We tried out a variety of tuners, both vintage and modern, and also took a look at HD Radio. A Day Sequerra HD Radio Tuner was demonstrated.

Sept: We kicked of our 30th year of activity with a very special guest from right here in our backyard. Ralph Karsten, proprietor of AtmaSphere Music Systems entertained us with some of his notable and well-reviewed electronics, including his unique output transformerless amps.