Highlights of our 2001-2002 Season

May: Steve Huntley from Great Northern Sound talks high-end mods and his PASI. Pictures HERE.

April: Wally Malewicz and Wally's Analog Shop for Vinyl lovers. Pictures HERE.

March: Gayle Sanders of Martin Logan and Ken Kessler of HiFi News. Awesome!

February: John Stronzer (Bel Canto) and Jim Long (EVI) demo an impressive horn system. Pictures HERE

January: Chuck Bottemiller predicts the future of high-end video. Looking good.

November: Our Annual "Bring & Brag" Concert. LP's outnumber CD's for the first time.

October: Luke Manley of VTL at Hi Fi Sound. Very impressive! Photo HERE.

September: The Needle Dr. couldn't make it so we tour the museum & gab.