March: Mike Shield from High Emotion Audio demonstrates his flagship model of speakers and IIRC, discusses turntable physics?



December: Christmas Break

November: Paul Bolin of Stereophile speaks about Audio reviewing.

October: John Wolffe of Classic Audio Loudspeakers In October we have the opportunity to hear some very efficient and dynamic speakers. John Wolff of Classic Audio Loudspeakers will present his updated Studio Monitor concepts. These speakers are happy with a few good watts or some big power. It should be a lot of fun. FYI, John Wolff of Classic Audio Loudspeakers and Classic Audio Reproductions they are a Michigan-based company has produced upgraded versions of the classic JBL Hartsfield horn-based speaker since 1988 and now manufactures a whole lineup of excellent horn-based high-end speakers. He’ll treat us to a preview of his upcoming T3.4 speaker.