Highlights of our 1998-1999 Season

June: Tom Jung of DMP Records demonstrates Sony's Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and their SACD player.

May: Our annual "Audio Science Fair" featuring some exotic home-built gear.

April: Lloyd Walker of Walker Audio shows off his Proscenium Gold TT ($17K!), Valid Points, etc. Great show!

March: Mike Hobson of Classic Records demonstrates the 24bit/96kHz DAD.

January: Cliff Davidow & Chuck Bottemiller explain & demo MP3, including the Diamond " Rio ."

December: Our annual "Bring & Brag audiophile concert.

November: Cedric Harris of Melos Technologies brings macho tube gear and Pipedreams loudspeakers.

October: Dave Wilson of Wilson Audio meets with us at Audio Research. Fabulous sound!

September: Dealer Demo - Jerry Zelesnikar of Audition Audio demos his wares and we play lots of music .