Event Highlights

The 2019-2020 Season so far:

February DAC Shoot out!

On February 18, 2020, we’re comparing, yes, DACs!

Listening tests are some of our most popular and requested meetings. In February we will pit a number of DAC devices head to head in a double-blind test using our new Audio by Van Alstine ABX comparator, which was kindly donated by Frank Van Alstine. We’re pretty excited to have this device and want to hear it in action.

We will have a number of DACs on hand for this evening’s testing, and encourage you to bring any interesting DACs you might have for inclusion in the test. Please also bring along any and all needed connectors, wires, and cords.

January: Bring and Brag

On January 21st 2020, we will proudly host our annual Bring and Brag music fest.

We encourage you to bring an interesting recording or two for listening, -as always, on our "Mostly Minnesota Made" system. We can accommodate many digital disc formats on our multi-format player and we also have an excellent turntable to play your (clean) vinyl records.

As in previous years, if you could please jot down in advance the selection, album title, record label, and record number, we can produce an accurate and complete playlist for later distribution.

November: Shunyata Research

On November 19th we were very fortunate to present Mr. Brandon Lauer of Shunyata Research! Shunyata was founded in 1997 by former military scientists. Based on work in ultra-sensitive data acquisition systems they have become a leading manufacturer of cabling and power conditioning in the audio industry.

We all look forward to an extensive presentation on power conditioning, power cables and interconnects.

  • Shunyata Research PDF See below

October: Bel Canto

On October 15 we eagerly await this presentation by John Stronczer of Bel Canto, an audio manufacturer well known and respected by Audio Society members and music lovers everywhere.

John will discuss the latest Bel Canto products; their acclaimed Black and Black EX series, and newer; the e.One evolutionary line. All are manufactured here in Minneapolis.

Be prepared for a first look at great new products from Bel Canto and some very nice listening!

And for anyone who hasn’t yet paid their annual dues, there’s still time! As always, it's only $25.

Please join us for this lively presentation.

September : Mill City Sound

Welcome back! On September 17 we opened our new season with a visit from Rob Sheeley of Mill City Sound in nearby Hopkins.

Rob presented on what prompted him to enter the audio industry and then start a record store. We’ll also learn about Mill City’s extensive vinyl LP offerings and their vinyl oriented stereo equipment offerings.

This will be a great way to begin our new season and no one will want to miss this! As this is our first meeting of the new season, please have your dues ready! As always, it's a mere $25.

power essentials.pdf