The 2016-2017 Season so far:

February Meeting - Line Array!

On Tuesday, February 21st, Don Meger presented an in-depth analysis and demonstration of his Line Source (Line Array concepts) speaker system. This was very informative and interesting, and sounded great!

January Meeting - Bring and Brag Music listening session

On January 17th, we will have our annual Bring and Brag music fest, where we encourage attendees to bring an interesting recording or two to listen to on our "Mostly Minnesota Made" system. We can accommodate many digital disc formats on our multiformat player and we also have an excellent turntable to play (clean please!) vinyl records.

November Meeting: DACs !

On November 15th, attendees of the ASM/MSP Audio Geeks joint meeting will get a rare opportunity to directly compare several DACs in true A/B/X listening tests. We will also have a MQA-certified DAC on hand, Mytek’s Brooklyn, for non-encoded/non-decoded and decoded listening tests with a variety of program material.

Bring your HRA files, on a flash drive please, along with your DAC for possible inclusion in the testing. We hope to see you there!

October Meeting: Bel Canto

On Tuesday October 18th, our guests for the evening will be local manufacturer Bel Canto. Just back from the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, they will be showing us and playing their latest gear. We may even get to hear some exceptional speakers from Fine Sounds stablemate Sonus Faber!

September Meeting: Pure Audio Project

For our opening meet of the season, Pure Audio Project graced us with a demonstration of its Trio15 speaker, a boxless dipole speaker of modular design.

We enjoyed hearing about the formation of the company, and its unique approach to modular, semi-DIY speakers for the customer to assemble IKEA-style. And even more important, we loved listening to the clear sound. We were even able to hear the speakers with the center Tangband "full range" driver swapped out for a Beyma planar horn tweeter, to hear a second flavor of the Trio15.