The 2018-2019 Season so far:

Tuesday 7:00 PM October 16 Meeting: Burning Amp 2018 "Almost Live!"

Our very own Chuck Bottemiller was fortunate enough to attend this year’s Burning Amp DIY meet-up and has constructed a Pass XA25 power amplifier.

Come see and hear about the event and the big DIY show in San Francisco! 

Tuesday September 18: Pioneer Personal Audio!

Meaning, well, -headphones!  We are pleased to offer our 2018-2019 kickoff meeting featuring Mr. Eric Smith, National Sales Training leader at Pioneer and Onkyo corporations.  Eric will give us some background on Pioneer itself, the current audio industry in general, but speak mostly about personal two channel audio, in other words -creating a great audio experience with headphones.

Eric will discuss the most common headphones, Bluetooth earbuds, the technologies that are making Bluetooth ever better sounding, and work our way up to the higher end headphone systems using headphone amp/DACs and better audio sources.