Highlights of our 2004-2005 Season

May: Tyll Herstens of HeadRoom, Inc. blows us away with headphones galore (and more)!

April: Tweaks! What works, what doesn't. Lots of interesting demonstrations from members.

March: Minnetonka Audio Software. Burn your own 24bit/192 KHz DVD-A's!

February: Bel Canto Design with a new killer amp, Cabasse speakers, and more!

January: Paul Bolin, Contributing Editor for Stereophile magazine. An insiders look at equipment reviewing.

November: An ASM field trip! Karl Eilers illustrates the components of sound using a church organ he built.

October: We visit Audio Research Corp. once again. Awesome!

September: Wally Malewicz on "Flex Speakers," room analysis, and speaker set-up. Fun and informative!