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ASM Forum

We have a Discussion Forum which can be found here. It was started mainly as a way to announce meeting times via email, but we are using another application for that now. Traffic on the forum is very low, in the 'posts per year' range since we changed the way we make announcements. It could potentially still be a great place to share news and information with other local audio fanatics.
Membership is open to members and friends of the Audio Society of Minnesota.

Note, to view the forum online you must have a google account, but anyone can use the forum like a mailing list - simply request to be added at the link above.  Note, you will be notified of new posts at, and you must post from, the same email address.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to ban or revoke posting rights and delete posts (moderate the forum) at any time and for any reason, at our discretion.