Highlights of our 2005-2006 Season

May: Another trip to Wally World. Wally Malewicz and the Science of Measurement.

April: Our occasional Science Fair. Home brew exotica from our members.

March: Bel Canto with a new Class D amp and a high-end speaker from...Pioneer!

Feb: Bill Gudim with the Diffuse Wave and Side Wave room treatments.

Jan: Our annual Bring & Brag concert plus an update from CES and T.H.E show.

Nov: Slim Devices Squeezebox 2. Hard drive-sourced high end audio. The future is here.

Oct: "Let's Get Wired!" Does wire make a difference? We listen and decide.

Sept: Mark Schifter of AV123 returns! One of our all-time favorite guests. A grand time was had by all!