May 16th Meeting: Audio by Van Alstine!

For our final meeting of the season, we are very fortunate to host Frank Van Alstine of Audio by Van Alstine, a local and long-standing audio manufacturer who is (or perhaps should be) familiar to us all, will be showing two brand new AVA offerings:

First, AVA’s new DAC MK Five, which supports all bit rates up to PCM 192 and DSD 128 interchangeably, with no transition noise or drama between tracks of any bit rate or type. Standard inputs are two coax digital inputs, two optical digital inputs, and USB digital inputs.

Second, AVA will present their new DVA 4/2 amplifier, producing 350 Watts per Channel (WPC) in stereo or 125WPC in discrete four channel mode.  Very useful in a very clean stereo system or in a surround sound system, and is based on AVA’s Synergy solid state circuits with significant enhancements.

Lastly, Frank will bring an inexpensive UTurn Orbit turntable with Longhorn Grado cartridge and optional Grado 8MZ stylus, plus AVA’s Vision phono preamplifier. Combined with the ASM’s CD capabilities, members are encouraged to bring LPs or CDs for playback.

And, read on for a special pre-meeting event and a slightly different start time!

We are also hosting an audio flea market in the main museum on May 16, just prior to the May A.S.M. meeting! We will have tables set up for members to bring and unload, er ...offer for sale, any gently used and no-longer-needed audio items. As this is an impromptu event and space is limited, there is no guarantee there will be space for your items on a table.

1. Tables available in the hallway/north museum for setup from 5:45pm to 6:30pm.
2. Flea Market 6:30pm to 7:30pm
3. The Audio by Van Alstine presentation begins at 7:30pm SHARP
4. Flea market follows AVA demo for another 15 minutes then we take things down.      

Due to construction, the back hallway door needs to remain open; therefore we want to avoid noise pollution during Frank's presentation.

1. Please use the A.S.M. Forum to post items they may bring in advance; we want potential buyers to remember to bring their checkbooks!
2. No loudspeakers can be played.  Headphones are Okay, of course.

Meetings are held at:

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting
3517 Raleigh Avenue
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Refreshments are served; guests, visitors, and new members are welcome to attend.

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