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Our May 17, 2022 Meeting,

J.R. Boisclair of WAM Engineering!

On Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 at 6:30 PM Central, 4:30 Pacific time, we are thrilled to present a detailed discussion of optimizing vinyl playback with J.R. Boisclair, whose WAM Engineering carries on the works of Wally Malewicz, vinyl enthusiast, inventor, and creator of the Wally Tools line of turntable optimization.

J.R. has greatly extended the efforts made by Wally and will present to us an advanced treatise of turntable setup, outlined here by J.R.:

When Stylus Meets Groove - Advanced Turntable Setup

Fine line contact styli have a notable mechanical advantage over elliptical and conical styli profiles that allow more information to be extracted from the groove, but what is really happening when the stylus meets the groove? What mechanical, electrical and psychoacoustic problems occur when the contact edges of the stylus are not properly aligned? How well are cartridges made today to allow the playback stylus to properly transcribe the grooves made by the lathe's cutterhead stylus? How can we know with certainty when something less than 1/15th the radius of a human hair has been well aligned - and should we even care? What are some of the mistakes and pitfalls common to turntable setup and how to avoid them? Why do we have to be concerned with changes to one setup parameter affecting other parameters? What does your anti-skating setting have to do with cantilever alignment and azimuth? What can be known by setting up a cartridge by ear or by test record?

For additional information, check out in advance of our meeting, https://www.wallyanalog.com/ .

This presentation will not be limited to Tuesday evening, it will be recorded.

Join us via ZOOM:

Topic: ASM Time: May 17, 2022 06:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting https://umn.zoom.us/j/93626979989?pwd=YlNoMW55a2RMc1M3UWw0SkJYT010QT09 Meeting ID: 936 2697 9989 Passcode: 1XLSQJ

This will be a great discussion and highpoint to our season! Viewing is free for all, but you’ll have to be on your own for light refreshments.

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