Philosophy of Mind (Fall 2007) - Midterm


Please answer 3 of the following questions. You have at most 1,200 words (4 pages, double-spaced, Arial, 12 point font) in which to answer all 3 questions.

The midterms are due at the start of class on Tuesday 11/6.

Note: If you are asked to explain an objection to a theory, you must explain the theory in the process.


1. Explain the super-spartan and perfect pretender objections to logical behaviorism. Alternatively, explain how the "Defeasibility of mental-behavioral entailments" is a problem for logical behaviorism.

2. What is the "Phenomenlogical fallacy"? How can it be used to support the Identity Theory of Mind? Can it account for all types of mental phenomena?

3. Explain the Chinese Room Argument against the Computational Theory of Mind. Evaluate one objection to the argument.

4. What is "Epiphenomenalism"? Explain at least two objections to the theory.

5. Explain the China Brain Argument against functionalism.