Moral Philosophy (Fall 2007) - Final Exam


Please answer 4 of the following questions. You have at most 1,200 words (around 4 pages, double-spaced, Arial, 12 point font) in which to answer all 4 questions.

The exams are due by midnight Thursday, December 13th.

Note: If you are asked to explain an objection to a theory, you must explain the theory in the course of your answer. It is best to start your answer with the theory and then explain the objection.

Note: All theories and technical terms should be described.

Note: If you are asked to evaluate an argument, you need to say why you think it is good or bad. Space permitting, you should consider how someone would respond to your evaluation.


Answer 1 from questions 1-2:

1. What is DAIAH?

2. Explain the "Stranger on the Train" objection to unrestricted success theory? How can Desire-Satisfaction theories of welfare get around this problem?

Answer 1 from questions 3-4:

3. Does the "New Divine Command Theory" successfully get past the Euthyphro dilemma?

4. How might reasonable atheists pose a challenge for the Karamozov Thesis?

Answer 1 from questions 5-6:

5. Why does Shafer-Landau reject Reasons Internalism? Explain his argument.

6. Explain how the combination of Motivational Judgment Internalism and Motivational Humeanism is a problem for Moral Realism.

Answer 1 from questions 7-8:

7. Does the first formulation of the Categorical Imperative imply that it is always wrong to lie?

8. Explain Nussbaum's defense of virtue ethics against the problem of relativism.