I've taught over a dozen different philosophy courses and several interdisciplinary humanities seminars. 

At Temple, I taught the following philosophy courses: Philosophy of Mind (F07), Moral Philosophy (F07), Philosophy of Death (S08), Philosophy of (not in) Film (S08), The Good Life (S09), and Philosophy of Love (F09), Free Will (S10), and The Good Life (S10). 

At Rhode Island College, I've taught Free Will (F10), Bioethics (F10), Political Philosophy (F10), Philosophy of Religion (S11), Environmental Ethics (S11), The Good Life (S11), Meta-ethics (F11), Bioethics (F11), Free Will (F11), Philosophy of Emotion (S12), Philosophy of Religion (S12), Moral Responsibility (F12), Philosophy of Death (F12), The Good Life (F12), Philosophy of Film (S13) and Philosophy of Love (S13), Philosophy of Death (F13), and Philosophy of Art (F13). . . .

You can find information on all of my courses via the link below:


Teaching Philosophy