Intellectual Heritage A (Fall 2007) - Paper 2


Write a paper on one of the topics below.

Topic #1

In the "Apology," Socrates presents two arguments for why it is not rational to fear death. Explain and evaluate both arguments.

Topic #2

Explain the problem of evil. Explain and evaluate Augustine’s solution to the problem.

Topic #3

Whose responsibility is the tragedy of Othello? You might want to consider these questions: Are there any factors mitigating lago's responsibility or justifying his actions? Do Othello or Desdemona share any of the blame?


The paper should be no more than 1,000 words. This is approximately 3 pages double-spaced with Arial 12 point font.


The paper must be typed. It should be double spaced. It should have one inch margins. You should use a 12 point font. I prefer Arial, since it is easy to read.


You will be required to hand in a paper copy at the start of class on the due date. In addition you must submit the paper through TurnItIn via Blackboard by midnight on the due date. TurnItIn is a plagiarism detection tool. It will compare your paper against others available online, in journals, submitted in this class, Temple, and from all other universities that use the software.

Note: Plagiarism will result in a failing grade in the class, not just on this assignment.