Moral Philosophy (Fall 2007) - Midterm

Please answer 3 of the following questions. In total you have 4 pages, double spaced in Arial 12 point font (about 1,200 words), in which to complete all 3 questions. It's due at the start of class on Thursday, 10/25.

1. Explain Ross' argument in support of the claim that the apportionment of pleasure and pain amongst the virtuous and vicious is an intrinsic good.

2. Explain the "Grass Counter" objection to the what Parfit calls "Success Theory" (Desire-Satisfaction theories of welfare).

3. Why does Shafer-Landau reject Reasons Internalism? Explain his argument.

4. Explain how the combination of Motivational Judgment Internalism and Motivational Humeanism is a problem for Moral Realism.

5. Explain Mackie's Argument from Queerness. Alternatively, explain Smith's discussion of how the practicality and objectivity of moral judgments are seemingly incompatible.