Intellectual Heritage B (Spring 2008) - Paper #2

Write a paper on one of the topics below.

Topic #1

Compare Nietzsche's account of the origin of "bad conscience" with Freud's account of the origin of "guilt." Your discussion should answer questions such as: What psychological mechanisms are involved? What kinds of instincts do they both discuss? What role does civilization play? Your answer must be supported by textual evidence.

Topic #2

What aspects of human suffering does Freud attempt to illuminate with his myth of the taming of fire. How does it help us see the inevitability of (at least some degree of) unhappiness for humans living in civilization? Your answer must be supported by textual evidence.

Topic #3

Marlow is twice described as looking like a Buddha, once at the beginning and once at the end of Heart of Darkness. Why does Conrad choose this description? Your answer must be based on an interpretation of the novel. You need to explain key aspects of the novel, such as: the role of Marlow's journey up the river, the significance of Kurtz and his moral mission, and the meaning of Kurtz' last words. Your answer must be supported by textual evidence.

Due Date



The paper should be no more than 1,000 words. This is approximately 3 pages double-spaced with Arial 12 point font.


The paper must be typed. It should be double spaced. It should have one inch margins. You should use a 12 point font. I prefer Arial, since it is easy to read. Please follow the general paper and exam instructions under the "course documents / writing" section on Blackboard.


You are required to hand in a paper copy at the start of class on the due date. In addition you must submit the paper through TurnItIn via Blackboard by 11:59 pm on the due date. TurnItIn is a plagiarism detection tool. It will compare your paper against others available online, in journals, submitted in this class, Temple, and from all other universities that use the software.

Note: Plagiarism will result in a failing grade in the class, not just on this assignment.