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I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Rhode Island College. [Curriculum Vitae]

Much of my recent work concerns the nature and importance of well-being. Against a widely held view, I think that well-being is in many ways less important than other forms of value, particularly meaning and worth. There are a variety of ways in which we can evaluate lives. We can assess live in terms of welfare—how good they are for the one who lives them. We can assess them in terms of meaning. And we can assess them, more broadly, in terms of worth. In Welfare, Meaning, and Worth (Routledge, 2016), I defend theories of each.

Currently, I'm working on a new book called The Ethics of Imagination: Fiction, Fantasy, and Dreams (OUP, under contract).

I'm also working on introductory book: Philosophy of Film: A Contemporary Introduction (Routledge).

Chris Grau and I co-edited The Oxford Handbook to the Philosophy of Love (OUP, forthcoming). It should be out soon.

I edit two PhilPapers categories: Aesthetics and Ethics and Philosophy of Film.


I've taught close to twenty different philosophy courses and several interdisciplinary humanities seminars: The Good Life, Philosophy of Love, Free Will, Bioethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Environmental Ethics, Meta-ethics, Philosophy of Emotion, Moral Responsibility, Philosophy of Death, The Good Life, Philosophy of Film, and Philosophy of Love.

Recently, I've taught Philosophy of Art, Freedom and Responsibility, Philosophy of Love, Meta-Ethics, Philosophy of Film, and Philosophy of Death.

Here are some of my works in progress:

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The best way to get in touch with me is through email: asmuts@gmail.com

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