Competitive Performance Awards

This award scheme aims to reward young swimmers in their first years of competitive swimming, encouraging them to focus on their strokes, turns and finishes, as well as speed in order to achieve better swim times for each stroke. 

Swim England have a set of badges for swimmers to work towards and collect when they reach different speeds. These are regardless of age. The required times for these awards are in the table below.

Gold Standard is approximate to average county age group qualifying times for 12 year old boys.  When this level is reached, there is a good chance that these swimmers would qualify at county level.

There are 3 types of performance award which relate to the length of the swim: 

Sprint – 25m, 50m and 100m for all of the strokes including IM

Middle Distance - 200m for all strokes including IM and 400m front crawl

Distance - 800m & 1500m front crawl and 400m IM


There is a round badge for each distance above in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, plus there are flash badges for each stroke also in  Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Once the swimmer achieves a time at that level for any stroke, they can claim the round badge that relates to the distance (Sprint, Middle, Distance) and the relevant stroke flash to indicate which stroke they have achieved the award in.  They can then collect further flashes as times are achieved for each stroke of that distance.

Your first aim might  be to get the round badges for Sprint in Bronze, Silver and Gold and have each of the strokes under the badge. The round badges are for display purposes and the strips are earned according to the time. 

These badges are available to purchase from the club. Please note this is optional.  Keep track of your swimmers’ badge progress using our Awards Record form, your coach will sign them off as you get them. Print a copy here

ASC Awards Record.pdf

Awards Record Form

Examples of badges:

Round distance badge which comes with a certificate is £3

 A stroke FLASH badge is £1.20

If can you achieve a qualifying time at our club championships, Sunday Sprints, galas or open meets. If you would lie to make a claim for the appropriate badge, you just need to check the results and note down the event date, stroke, distance and of course the time achieved.  Your claim for a reward will be verified by your coach then you can buy the badge or flash to sew onto your ASC club hoodie.

How do I get these badges & Flashes?

Awards and flashes can be ordered via our google form. We will order badges after each club event we hold, ideally once a term or more often if there are lots of orders.  If you have any problems or queries with ordering the badges, please email coach Selina at the address 

We will advise members of any dates when orders for badges are going in via email. 

We would suggest sewing your badges onto your club hoodie. If you do not have a hoodie these can be purchased from our online club kit shop. Alternatively, sew badges on your swimming towel, bag or wherever you wish!

Required Times

Please see the table below which tells you by event and how fast you need to swim to get the award in a 25m pool. Or click  here.

Please note the initial award for the distance will only be given if the swimmer demonstrates skill in their strokes, turns and finishes, as well as speed in order to achieve better swim times for each stroke. 

Note: Platinum sprint badges are not awarded for 25m or 50m events, just 100m.

Are there different times for boys and girls?  No, the time standards are the same for both boys and girls

What age are these for? There is no upper or lower age limit – swimmers of all ages can achieve an award.