Going to a Gala
Your first gala can be a bit daunting so here we have tried to explain what happens and how to be ready! 

Before the gala
  • Please make sure you have plenty of sleep the night before - best to avoid any sleepovers !
  • Make sure you have eaten during the day - you won’t perform very well on an empty stomach.
  • Be prepared! Pack your bag the day before if you have an early start. 

Arriving at a gala
  • Always arrive in plenty of time to get changed before the start of the warm-up.
  • If you are going to an away gala, make sure you know where the pool is and whether there is parking available nearby.

Things to take with you
  • Extra towel or t-shirt and shorts to help you to keep warm during the gala.
  • Goggles, hat and costume/trunks
  • Plenty to drink but not fizzy drinks or glass bottles
  • Light snacks, preferable not sugary sweets - if you are there for the day you will need a packed lunch as well. 

During the gala
  • Wear a club hat when competing please.
  • Always listen to your steward/team manager/coach and do what is asked of you.
  • Remember you are representing Ashbourne and your behaviour reflects on the reputation of the Club.
  • Let your steward know if you need to leave the pool side area for any reason - even if its just to see someone in the viewing area - we need to know where everyone is so we can be sure you are ready and prepared for your race.
  • Eat light snacks during the event but not immediately before a race.
  • You will wait on the poolside with the rest of the team and a couple of races before your race, you will be asked to go and wait at the end of the pool you are starting from.
  • The boys and girls team captains there also usually there for support and any help you made need as well as the stewards.
  • MOST of all ENJOY & don’t worry!  
  • Shout and encourage your team mates !!

At the end of the gala

  • Make sure you take all your belongings home with you.
  • Don’t leave any wrappers or empty bottles on poolside.
  • Please let the team manager or your steward know if you are going home with someone other than your parent.

Backstroke Ledges

Need to Check your PBs from previous galas?
The visit...
You can bring up all your PBs, where you rank against other swimmers and much more! 

Want to convert your 25m pool times to 50m pool times or vis versa?
Use this website
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Make sure you fuel your body correctly! 
Unsure what to eat?
Please see our nutritional guide for advice on what to eat and when!