How Could You Help

Love Swimming? Want to put something back into your community?

Ashbourne Swimming Club are recruiting POOLSIDE HELPS & SWIMMING TEACHERS.  All courses are fully funded as long as you can devote one evening a week to coaching swimmers.

Poolside Helpers

The club relies on helpers to help with the running of sessions. This would involve supervising a lane, handing out floats, noting swim times etc. It would allow some parents to engage in their child's swimming to a much greater extent than they currently are, help the coaches keep discipline and the noise level down and free the coaches to coach. 

If you're 14 years or older and interested in developing sports coaching skills through helping poolside during our coaching sessions please get in touch. You can attend a Swim England Poolside Helpers course which we’ll fund for you as long as you can commit to helping the club over a period of time. It’s a great opportunity to add skills and a qualification to your CV and resume in readiness for future education and career opportunities. Please speak to any of the coaching staff or contact 

Swimming Teacher

Becoming a swimming teacher in the means you can look forward to an active and challenging role with great chances of employment as well as putting something back into the community. It is great for mums, dads and guardians as the hours are very flexible. It is also one of the best jobs you can have as a student, suiting your timetable and improving your public speaking and communication skills.  Again there is are a number of Swim England courses which the Club are happy to help fund if you commit to helping us. Please ask our Head Coach Ian about becoming a swimming teacher or assistant coach 

Team Managers

Are you attending galas with your children anyway? Why not be part of the team?

We are looking for someone to help look after and organise the kids whilst at a gala. If this could be you then please get in touch!


Volunteer Training Available

There are many opportunities to volunteer for the club and Swim England supports our volunteers with training. There's lots of information about volunteering on the Swim England  website.

Current Vacancies

We currently need:

Lane Coach and Poolside Helpers - Sunday / Wednesday  

If you’re interested in helping support our coaching staff poolside either Sunday’s 2-4:30pm or/and Wednesday's 7-8pm we’d love to hear from you. For your commitment we’ll fund a Level 1 ASA Coaching qualification - giving you new skills and a greater understanding of swimming skills which may help support your daughter/son in their swimming technique. Please speak to any of the coaching staff or contact


The team manager is to asist the coach and is responsible for the team of swimmers for the duration of gala session.  This is include  knowing where the swimmers are at all times and ensuring: 

• Swimmers are attentive to the coach’s instructions and report back for post race feedback.

• Swimmers drink fluids little and often to stay properly hydrated and eat whilst being aware of the time to the next swim,

• Swimmers present themselves for their events

• Swimmers keep their belongings in a tidy manner and tidy up any rubbish from the area.

To act as Team Manager at a gala, volunteers must  have done the Swim England Safeguarding and Team Managers Level 1 qualifications.

Please contact anyone of the committee members or coaches.


This is an easy and one off commitment.  

Timer Keepers: You will be provided with a stop watch and you just need to press start, stop and reset for each race. You will also be given a clipboard and pen with a sheet to record the times on. Before the event the chief timer will do a practice to ensure all time keeper stop watches are working etc. For galas there are usually 2 timers per lane, if not and in the event your watch isn’t working properly, the chief timer is there as a backup. Please contact anyone of the committee members or coaches.

Volunteers are always needed and parents help is always appreciated!