How much does it cost?

Annual Membership

£50 per swimmer

Payable annually

Includes Swim England, East Midlands, DASA fees and club administration costs

Monthly Subs

2-sessions per week = £40/month

3-sessions per week = £55/month

4-sessions per week = £65/month

Paid in advance BEFORE the 10th of the month

Includes pool hire, coaching and equipment

Sibling Discount

Main swimmer is charged full subs cost

Additional siblings are charged 90% of full subs costs

Sibling discount is applied to monthly subs costs only

Gala Fees

£5 club fee per gala

Chargeable per swimmer per gala

Includes poolside passes, gala coaching and team manager training courses

All swimmers train 48 weeks a year. Swimmers are expected to devote time and energy to their training and to attend all appropriate training sessions every week. Please note the fees are spread evenly over the full 52 weeks of the year so the monthly payment is the same every month, even though we close for 2 weeks during the summer holidays and 2 weeks at Christmas.