DQ Codes


Many swimmers and parents are often confused at internal galas and open meets, when viewing a disqualification on the result sheets and they are confronted by a series of letters which in isolation mean nothing to them. Please find below the disqualification codes used by the SPORTSYSTEMS meet software, which is the software used by the club and at county championships.

Below the codes is a selection of commonly occurring disqualification events and a more detailed explanation of the likely cause.

If you are unsure of why you/ your swimmer has been disqualified please consult your coach for a more detailed explanation.

Commonly occurring codes:

ST - A false start – starting before the starting signal 

SA - Arms not clearing the water in butterfly or not simultaneous, or

Arms not simultaneous on breaststroke or elbows coming out of the water, or

Arms being taken back beyond the hips in breaststroke apart from the underwater section at the start and after each turn. 

SL -  Alternating legs on butterfly None simultaneous leg action on breaststroke (A screw kick) 

T - An infringement on the turn - Hands not touching simultaneously on butterfly & breaststroke, or

A non-continuous turning action on backstroke (gliding/kicking in on the breast), or

Not touching the wall on Freestyle or backstroke 

FI  - An infringement at the finish - Hands not touching simultaneously on butterfly & breaststroke, or

Finishing a Freestyle or backstroke race submerged