Below are a number of questions we are sometime asked by new families joining the club and existing members. If you have any other questions please add them in the comments section at the bottom and we will endeavour to answer them.

What qualifications do the teachers have?

Please see our coaches page for full details of all our qualifications.

Is there a life guard present? Yes.

How often will my child be assessed?

All swimmers are continually observed and assessed but we also aim to hold time trials once a term. These time trials help us monitor a swimmers progress and give us times for gala entries. They are also used as the basis for coach reviews that take place each term.

Do I have to wear a hat?

Yes. All swimmers should wear a hat at all training sessions and galas. Not only is it more hygienic for the other swimmers but technically you will swim better! The water drains more effectively over your face allowing you to breathe more efficiently. You are also more streamlined when wearing a hat and will go faster!

How do I pay the membership fees?

By monthly standing order. For further details email our treasure: adscfinances@gmail.com

How good do you have to be to start swimming with the club?

A swimmer will need to be above stage 5 on ASA framework or equivalent and be able to swim 50m on their front, 50m on their back, plus 25m front crawl and attempt at a few strokes of butterfly.

What swimming kit do they need when they join?

See recommend kit.

Do I have to do the time trials?

Yes. As mentioned above we need regular times to monitor progress and for gala entries.

Can I specialise in one particular stroke?

No unfortunately not. You need to practice and train is all stokes to allow you to develop as a rounded swimmer. If even if you have a weakest stroke (which you also dislike) this will improve and may end up being your best – you never know!

Which galas can I expect my child to swim in?

That will always depend on how good they are and if they are ready to start competing. Swimmers in the teaching, dolphins and sharks will only compete in club organised events such as our super sprints and the club championships. Once they are in the main squad they will regularly be asked to attend various galas depending on whether they make the qualifying times for their age. Galas also set upper time limits so if you are too fast for a gala you will not qualify to swim either. We will also draw on the development squad for galas to give experience and opportunities to those preparing for competitive swimming. We try and organise enough events through the year so there is at least one or two events every swimmer can take part in whether they have reached a competitive standard or not.

What competitions does the club take part in?

Please see or galas page which list all this year’s events plus there are links to previous years and the events attended.

Why don’t we know which races my child will swim in at a Four Town’s gala until actual on the day?

Final decisions can not usually be made until the day of the gala or even once we arrive! This is mainly due to waiting on responses from swimmers as to whether they are able to attend, and then on the day there are some who are ill or for some reason unable to make it. Therefore final decisions on who is swimming what are made at a late stage.

Why are a lot of galas on a Saturday night?

The club organising the event can only take the pool time that is offered by the leisure centre and this is usually when no other lessons or club are using the pool.

What are the most important things to remember to do at a gala?

You will find some helpful advice for when attending a gala in our section Going to a Gala. However the 2 most common mistakes/things the swimmers forget are 1) always finish a breast stroke race with two hands on the wall, and 2) do not move once the starter has said on ‘your marks’. Once you take up your starting position do not stand up again!

I have been asked to time keep but I haven’t done it before, is it difficult and what happens if I do it wrong?!

It is quite simple, you will be provided with a stop watch and you just need to press start, stop and reset for each race. You will also be given a clipboard and pen with a sheet to record the times on. Before the event the chief timer will do a practice to ensure all time keeper stop watches are working etc. For galas there are usually 2 timers per lane, if not and in the event your watch isn’t working properly, the chief timer is there as a backup.