Four Towns Team Selections

Four Towns Round 1: Saturday 23rd January 2016, Uttoxeter - 5.45pm

RESULTS - please download file at bottom of page.

Please see the attached team sheet at the bottom of the page for further details.

We appreciate its a busy month for our swimmers and this is rather late notice but the first round of the Four Towns has only just been agreed. This is alongside the Derwent League which takes place on 30th - please don’t get confused about location/dates etc !!

5:45pm warm up 6:15pm Start

Uttoxeter Leisure Centre, Oldfields Rd, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire ST14 7QL

A coach has been organised and will cost £2 each - the coach will leave the leisure centre at 5pm on Saturday 23rd prompt. A sign up sheet is on the noticeboard - please let us know if you need a place on the coach before 23rd.

Information about the Four Towns swimming galas

There are 4 gala’s that make up 4 TOWNS - points are awarded for each event and these all go towards the final total - having a swimmer in every event is very important as every point counts !

Please note dates for the FOUR TOWN GALA’s 2016 ...

Rd 1: January 23rd Uttoxeter Warm up 5:45

Rd 2: April 23rd Leek Warm up TBC

Rd 3: July 9th Alfreton Warm up TBC

Rd 4: Nov 5th Ashbourne Warm up 5:00

Swimmers need to be at Uttoxeter pool ready for warm up at 5:45pm - all ages get to do a few lengths to warm up - the 9r olds we’ll try and keep minimum and have a go at starting - depending on how confident they are - if they start in the pool (which quite a few of the 9’s will - so no worries there) we won’t practise starts.

The club chooses who swims what stroke a few days before and shares the team on the day - no-one knows in advance and we always try and pick our best team - the Four Towns is a mid level competition and there are cut-off times - so those too fast don’t swim or if they swim they get a time but a speeding ticket and no points. A first place earns the team 6 points - 5th - 5 4th 4 etc etc - so even someone who swims gets a much needed point - unless they get disqualified !

Key disqualifications tend to be the usual - not finishing with 2 hands on breast/fly and going too early on the relay - the judge will watch strokes also though. The results will get seen by the coaches afterwards so we can work on the cause afterwards.

The 9’s will swim in the Freestyle relay and a boy and girl in the freestyle canon.

The other events fall across 10yrs/12yrs/14yrs/OPEN - which are individual events and relays. Most events are 50m apart from the relays which are 4x25m

The last event is a freestyle canon - which is fun and the climax - with a relay across all ages - boy & girl.

Overall though … it’s fun and a great team event where everyone supports each other and the atmosphere poolside is loud and encouraging !!

See Four Towns Guidelines