Four Towns Round 4 - Ashbourne
SATURDAY 5th Nov, 4:00 Warm up 4:30 Start

Ashbourne Leisure Centre

Team Selection - Please download spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.

Information about the Four Towns swimming gala ….

There are 4 gala’s that make up 4 TOWNS - points are awarded for each event and these all go towards the final total - having a swimmer in every event is very important as every point counts ! 

Swimmers need to be ready for warm up at 4:00pm - all ages get to do a few lengths to warm up - the 9r olds we’ll try and keep minimum and have a go at starting - depending on how confident they are - if they start in the pool (which quite a few of the 9’s will - so no worries there) we won’t practise starts.

The club chooses who swims what stroke a few days before and shares the team on the day - no-one knows in advance and we always try and pick our best team - the Four Towns is a mid level competition and there are cut-off times - so those too fast don’t swim or if they swim they get a time but a speeding ticket and no points. A first place earns the team 6 points - 5th - 5 4th 4 etc etc - so even someone who swims gets a much needed point - unless they get disqualified ! 

Key disqualifications tend to be the usual - not finishing with 2 hands on breast/fly and going too early on the relay - the judge will watch strokes also though. The results will get seen by the coaches afterwards so we can work on the cause afterwards. 

 The 9’s will swim in a Freestyle relay and breaststroke relay and a boy and girl in the freestyle canon.

 The other events fall across 10yrs/12yrs/14yrs/OPEN - which are individual events and relays. Most events are 50m apart from the relays which are 4x25m 

 The last event is a freestyle canon - which is fun and the climax - with a relay across all ages - boy & girl.

 Overall though …  it’s fun and a great team event where everyone supports each other and the atmosphere poolside is loud and encouraging !! 

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