Lot For Sale In Dasmarinas Cavite The Orchard

The Orchard Residential Club House

The Orchard is distinguished by two world class championship courses, The Arnold Palmer Course and the Gary Player Course.
Both have hosted international and national competitions, (1995 Johnnie Walker Classic, The 1996 World Golf Tour), and professional and amateur tournaments (The Philippine Amateur Matchplay Championships, Philippine Professional Tour events, etc).
The Club is noted for its untiring efforts to protect the environment and to promote junior golf.
It actively supports golf course maintenance programs, a national handicapping system, and preserving wildlife sanctuaries.

The Orchard Residential Estates and Golf & Country Club offers you the best investment you 
can make towards securing a privileged way of life for you and your family.
 Spanning 4.5 hectares of unique countryside living, all residents will have an 
exhilarating view of paradise-like setting of lush fairways and greens.

  The Orchard Residential Lot Price
Fairway Lots            Inner Lot-11,100    Corner Lot-11,600
Phase-8                                  10,100                      10,600
Phase-9                                  10,100                      10,600
Phase- 1 A 1                           10,100                      10,600
Phase-6                                  10,100                      10,600
Phase -7                                 10,100                      10,600
Phase -6 A                              10,100                      10,600
Phase-1 A                               10,100                      10,600
Phase-5 A                               10,100                      10,600
phase-1 A-2                           14,000                      14,500

Residential Lot Range 300 sqm.up to 800 sqm.

Inner Lot Sample Computation

Lot Area____300 sqm. 

Price pr/sqm. ____11,312 sqm. 

Total Price___3,393.600

20% Down Payment__678,720


10%Discount if paid in 7 days__67,872

Net Down payment___600,848

80% Balance___2,714.880

1st year 0% interest__45,248
2nd year to 5th year 14% interest___59,350.48

1st year 0%interest__22,624
2nd year to 10th year 14% interest__42,821

2 year to pay 0 % Interest __107,520

The orchard residential estates

Good Investment
Potential High value appreciation on the property
The project is on a prime location, it s close to everything
Pre-selling stage, gives you an opportunity to invest at a very affordable price.

Scheme 1:
90% CASH with applicable discounts:
10% discount if paid outright or within 7 days from date of reservation
7% discount if paid within 30 days from date of reservation
5% discount if paid within 60 days from date of reservation
10% BALANCE ON THE TCP payable upon availability of Title

Scheme 2:

20% to 89% Downpayment with applicable discounts:
20% discount if paid outright or within 7 days from date of reservation
7% discount if paid within 30 days from date of reservation
5% discount if paid within 60 days from date of reservation

    Price per sqm,
    Corner 14,500 sqm.
    Inner 14,000 sqm.


Lot Area___300 sqm.

Price pr/sqm.___14,000

Total Contract Price__4,200,000


20% Down payment___840,000

10%Discount if paid in 7 days__84,000

Net Down payment___746,000

80% Balance___3,360,000

1st year n0 interest___56,000
2nd-5 yrs@ 14% interest___73,453,56

1st year n0 interest__28,000
2nd- 10 yrs @ 14% interest__52,996.35

2Years pay no 0% interest___140,000
Covered by 24 P DC Checks

Features & Amenities:

  • A total of hectares or almost 47% of Prime area is allocated for open spaces
  • Two grand Clubhouses (One golf clubhouse with complete facilities,
  •  One Village Clubhouse with complete amenities)
  • 2500 Fruit bearing mango trees averaging 60 yrs. Old dot the landscaped
  • 3 man made and natural lakes complement the gaintly rolling terrain
  • Almost fifty (50) percent or 137 hectares is alloted the residential development
  • A separate area for a Hotel complete with first class accomodations and facilities
  • Future site developments reserved for a Church and School
  • An underground tunnel designed for golf carts and Golfers use
  • A separate physical fitness center with a complete line of modern exercise equipment
  • Satellite parabular dish system connections for all residential area
  • Total protection via 24- hour security services
  • A fully secured landscaped entrance gate with perimeter wall for community privacy and security
  • Two 18 hole Championship class golf courses

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The Orchard Sports Complex is a 6,426 square meter indoor, multi-purpose sports and recreational facility dedicated to promoting sports skills development among families, athletes and recreational users.


Disclaimer: The information found herein are subject to change without prior notice. Interested parties are requested to verify all information relating to the property prior to purchase.

Orchard Residential Estates and Golf and Country Club