Green Meadows Bauan Batangas

Green Meadows

Located at Brgy Cupang and As-Is Bauan Batangas

Good Investment

Potential High value appreciation on the property

The project is on a prime location, it s close to everything

Pre-selling stage, gives you an opportunity to invest at a very affordable price.

Residential Lot

( Lot range 120 sqm. & 150.up )

Lot Price per sqm:

1 A- Inner lot and 7,392 Corner lot=7,952

1 B- Inner lot and 6,272 Corner lot =6,832

NOTE: P 1.9M and Above Total Contract Price, Plus 12% E-Vat

Inventory Price Feb 5 2021

Reservation Fee=20,000

20 % Down payment with in 7 Days

Discount with in 7 Days=20 %

Discount with in 30 days =7%

Discount with in 60 days=5%

Term of Payment;

For Spot Down payment within 7 days

  • a]80%balance payable in 5 or 10 years at 14% Int.PA. 1st year No INTEREST With P D C ,check

  • b]80% balance payable in 2 years NO Interest With P D C

For Long Terms ,Down payment [up to 12 mos.] 80% Bal.payable in 5 or 10 year straight at 14% Int.PA.

Inner Lot Sample Computation=Phase 1A

Lot Area____150 sqm

Price pr sqm.____7,392 sqm

Total Contract Price___1,108,800

20% Down payment__221,760


20%Discount if paid in 7 Days__44,352

Net Down payment___167,408

80% Balance___887,040

5 years to pay

1st Year No Interest___14,787

2nd Year 14% Interest___19,391.74

10 year to pay

1st Year No Interest___7,392

2nd Year 14 % Interest ___13,039.78

2 years to pay 0% interest__36,960


* Landscaped entry statement

* Concrete road network

* Lighted lamp posts

* Guard house

* Community club house

* Basketball court

* Swimming pool

Inner Lot Sample Computation=Phase 1B

Lot Area____120 sqm

Price pr sqm.____6,272. sqm

Total Contract Price___752,640

20% Down payment__150,528


20%Discount if paid in 7 Days__30,105

Net Down payment___110,422

80% Balance___602,112

5 years to pay

1st Year No Interest___10,035

2nd Year 14% Interest___13,162.88

10 year to pay

1st Year No Interest___5,017.60

2nd Year 14 % Interest ___8,851.25

2 years to pay 0% interest__25,088

Requirements for buyers:

1. Photocopy of marriage contract. (if married)

2. Photocopy of 2 different kinds of unexpired govt. id w/ signature and picture. (Husband and wife)

3. Photocopy of Birth certificate. (Husband and wife)

4. Two (2) different proof of billing with the same address.

5. Photocopy of (Tin) Taxpayer Identification number (Husband & wife)

6. SPA (Special power of attorney) if buying thru representative. 3 Copies