Greenwoods Pasig

Greenwoods Pasig

Sandoval Ave.Pasig

LTS. NO.26214


Vat Exclusive PH.-8 A 1

Inner Lot-20,888

Corner Lot-21,448

“Prime living, as it should be.”

Here’s your chance to be a part of an exclusive community at a reasonable price!

Greenwoods Executive Village provides you with the modern conveniences of a modern community with facilities to make your life easier.

Now you can take an early morning jog, dinner with the whole family, shoot the hoops with your kids at the court, and have a sound sleep knowing that everything you need is just within your reach.


Vat Inclusive PH.-8 A 2 /8 A 3/8 A 4

Vat Inclusive PH. 3 A 2

Vat Inclusive PH. 8 F 3,8 F 4,8 D 7,9 B 1,9 D 1

Inner lot-19,772

Corner Lot-20,332

Vat Inclusive ;PH. 8 A-5

Inner Lot-19,772

Corner Lot-20,332

Residential Lot; Vat Inclusive

Price per sqm,Inner Lot=19,772

Price per sqm. Corner Lot=20,332

Phase. 2 A -1 /Phase. 6G / 2k

Phase. 8F/8G/8D1/8D2/8D3

Phase. 8 G 1 /Phase; 6 Sec 9



Phase;7D /Phase ;1G1

Phase. 6A3 /Phase; 6 S5

Phase;9E & 9F /Phase ;2K1

PH.10 Chua Tan Lee Share

Price per sqm,Inner Lot=19,772

Price per sqm. Corner Lot=20,32

Phase ;10 /PH,5B / PH.8D-Sec 6

PH.8D-Sec 6 /PH,5B /PH.8D4/8D5

PH.6H & 8H /PH.6 Sec 9

Residential Lot;

Phase =7 D Ph;1 G 1 /Ph ;6 A 3 / Ph; 6 S 6 /ph.8 F 6

Price per sqm,Inner Lot=19,772

Price per sqm. Corner Lot=20,332

Term Of Payment

20% DP up to 3 Mons.80 % Balance payable in 5 or 10 years at 14% Int.Pa.1st year NO Interest With P D C'S

20% DP in outright or in 7 day's 80% balance payable in 2 years No Interest with P D C S 10 % payable upon TCT.

Requirements for buyers:

1. Photocopy of marriage contract. (if married)

2. Photocopy of 2 different kinds of unexpired govt. id w/ signature and picture. (Husband and wife)

3. Photocopy of Birth certificate. (Husband and wife)

4. Two (2) different proof of billing with the same address.

5. Photocopy of (Tin) Taxpayer Identification number (Husband & wife)

6. SPA (Special power of attorney) if buying thru representative. 3 Copies