Metropolis Residential Commercial Estate

METROPOLIS GREEN Residential Commercial Estate

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“Prime living breaks ground.”

Savor Life and Leisure Here at Metropolis Greens, it is truly a perfect place to spend time with new found friends, bond with family and

live each moment together .The right balance between urban progress and rural serenity ...all it takes is a close look to find the place of your choice.

Metropolis Greens is a modern complete community with contemporary features that will let you live your life comfortably.

The community highlights Sta Lucia Dreamhomes with optimal designs to ensure you get the house features you need while leaving space for you to breathe. Step into your own abode in affordable house and lot packages and easy payment terms.

Complementing the surrounding beauty of the Sta Lucia Dreamhomes is a fully-developed community clubhouse, well-equipped with the finest amenities and the latest features that is guaranteed to caress and soothe the weary soul, the best reason to come home to Metropolis Greens – your home for life.



Developer : Sta. Lucia realty

Sample Computation: ( Lot range 50 sqm. / 120 sqm. & 150 sqm. up )

NOTE: P 1.9M and Above Total Contract Price, Plus 12% E-Vat

Inventory Price Oct 1 2019

Residential Lot

Price per sqm. Inner Lot=7,600

Price per sqm. Corner Lot=8,100

Reservation Fee=10,000

20 % Down payment with in 7 Days

Discount with in 7 Days=20 %

Discount with in 30 days =7%

Discount with in 60 days=5%

Term of Payment;


For Spot Down payment within 7 days


20% down payment with 20% discount if paid in 7 days

80% Balance payable in three [3 ] years without Interest

80 % Balance payable in five [ 5 ] to [ 10 ] years with 14% interest per annum,1st year No Interest


15% down payment with 15% discount if paid in 7 days

85% balance payable in three [ 3 ] years without interest

or 85%balance payable in five [ 5 ] to ten years with 14% interest per annum,1st year no interest.


20% down payment Remaining 80% Balance payable in two [ 2 ] years No Interest

80% Balance payable in five [ 5 ] to ten [10 ] years with 14 % interest per annum, 1st year No Interest.


Lot Area____120 sqm.

Price pr/sqm.____7,600

Total Contract Price___912,000

5% discount__45,600

Net Total Price__866,400


20% Down payment___173,280

20%Discount if paid in 7 days__34,656

Net Down payment___128,624

80% Balance___693,120

5 years to pay

1st year no interest___11,552

2nd-5 yrs@ 14% interest___15,152.42

10 years to pay

1st year n0 interest__5,776

2nd- 10 yrs @ 14% interest__10,189

3 years pay no 0% interest___19,253.33

Covered by 24 P DC Checks

Inner Lot Sample Computation

Lot Area____150 sqm

Price pr sqm.____7,600,sqm

Total Contract Price___1,140,000

5% discount___57,000

Net Total Price__1,083,000

20% Down payment__216,600


20%Discount if paid in 7 Days__43,320

Net Downpayment___163,280

80% Balance___866,400

5 years to pay

1st Year No Interest___14,440

2nd Year 14% Interest__18,940.52

10 years to pay

1st years No Interest___7,220

2nd Year 14 % Interest ___12,736.36

3 years to pay 0% interest__24,066.66

Community Features & Amenities:

  • Five (5) Residential Villages with centralized:
    • Grand Clubhouse
    • Covered basketball court
    • Centralized water system
    • Electrical system
  • Cemented curbs and gutters
  • Concrete pavement
  • Underground drainage system
  • Perimeter fence all along the project
  • Entrance gate on each Village
  • Rotonda
  • Main hall
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Swimming pool area
  • Basketball gym
  • Tennis court
  • Badminton.

Inner Lot Sample Computation

Lot Area____54 sqm

Price pr sqm.____7,600 sqm

Total Contract Price___410,400

5% discount__20,520

Net Total Contract Price__389,880

20% Down payment__77,976


20%Discount if paid in 7 Days__15,595.20

Net Downpayment___52,380.8

80% Balance___311,904

5 years to pay

1st Year No Interest___5,198.4

2nd Year 14% Interest___6,818.58

10 year to pay

1st Year No Interest___2,599.2

2nd Year 14 % Interest ___4,585

3 years to pay 0% interest__8,664

Requirements for buyers:

1. Photocopy of marriage contract. (if married)

2. Photocopy of 2 different kinds of unexpired govt. id w/ signature and picture. (Husband and wife)

3. Photocopy of Birth certificate. (Husband and wife)

4. Two (2) different proof of billing with the same address.

5. Photocopy of (Tin) Taxpayer Identification number (Husband & wife)

6. SPA (Special power of attorney) if buying thru representative. 3 Copies