Tobias Dyckerhoff: Noncommutative algebraic geometry of hypersurface singularities

The concept of a matrix factorization was originally introduced by Eisenbud to study syzygies over local rings of singular hypersurfaces. More recently, interactions with mathematical physics, where matrix factorizations appear in quantum field theory, have provided various new insights. I will explain how matrix factorizations can be studied in the context of noncommutative algebraic geometry based on differential graded categories. We will see the relevance of the noncommutative analogue of de Rham cohomology in terms of classical singularity theory. Finally, I will outline how the Kapustin-Li formula for the noncommutative Serre duality pairing (originally computed via path integral methods) can be mathematically explained using a combination of homological perturbation theory and local duality. This talk is partly based on joint work with Daniel Murfet.