Stony Brook 2011

The Fall 2011 workshop will take place on Saturday/Sunday, October 29th-30th, with a special lecture on Friday afternoon, October 28th.Registration deadline: Friday, September 30th. Organizers: Samuel Grushevsky, Radu Laza and Jason Starr The conference will be funded by the NSF and Stony Brook University, with conference site generously provided by the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics. Additional funding is provided from the University of Connecticut, Department of Mathematics through the efforts of our AGNES co-organizers at UConn, Arend Bayer and Milena Hering. Further support is provided by the MIT Department of Mathematics through the efforts of our AGNES co-organizer at MIT, James McKernan, by the Princeton University Department of Mathematics through the efforts of the AGNES scientific committee member János Kollár, by the UMass Mathematics Department through the efforts of our AGNES co-organizer at UMass, Paul Hacking, and by the Brown University Department of Mathematics through the efforts of our AGNES co-organizer (and speaker) Dan Abramovich. The organizers are very grateful for this essential support.


Video: Thanks to the SCGP, Pat Tonra of the Stony Brook University Mathematics Department, and the help of our student volunteers, there is now video available of the lectures at this website.

Feedback: The organizers would like to ask participants to help us by providing feeback on this form.


Poster: Please have a look at the beautiful poster created by Milena Hering.

Professional development event: There will be a professional development event. The topic will be "transitions from academia to the private sector". There will be a presentation by Sorin Popescu of Renaissance Technologies.

Financial support: We will try to cover travel costs for everyone (excluding air fares), with preference given to junior participants. We encourage participants from the same institution to carpool to reduce travel costs. Graduate students who are applying for the first time should ask their advisor to send a short email of support (one paragraph) to one of the organizers.

Registration: The registration deadline, Friday, September 30th, has now passed.

Banquet: Due to the high number of registered participants, the organizers must ask banquet participants to register to attend the Saturday evening banquet. Registered participants are asked to confirm whether or not they will attend the banquet by completing the following form.

The banquet will be held on Saturday evening, beginning at 6:30pm, at Lombardi's on the Sound. A Google map with driving directions is here. All banquet participants are strongly urged to find a spot in a car with another participant -- there will not be enough space in the shuttle for very many participants. Those participants who will ride in the shuttle should be at the shuttle pick-up spot by 5:45pm. The shuttle pick-up will be at the SAC bus loop, the loop in the middle of C4 on this map. The shuttle will depart when full or at 6pm, whichever comes first.

Google Map: The following Google Map shows the locations of the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, the Holiday Inn Express in Stony Brook, the Long Island Rail Road station in Stony Brook, the ferry in Port Jefferson, and the banquet site, Lombardi's on the Sound.

Parking: The main parking lot on Stony Brook's campus available for conference participants is the "H lot"; the large lot near the Earth and Space Sciences building. It is in the middle of the right side of B4 on the following parking map. Parking in this lot is free and permitted to all on Friday after 4pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. There are also a limited number of spots available in the parking lot immediately adjoining the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, which requires an access code for entry. Please contact the organizers if you are interested in parking in one of these spots.

Shuttles: There will be limited seats on shuttles for those participants who cannot find a free seat in a carpool. The shuttle pickup times and locations are as follows.

Long Island Rail Road: Due to track work on the weekend of October 29th-30th, the schedule of LIRR trains will be different from usual. The special schedule is posted here.

Conference Hotel: Participants who have been offered accomodation will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Stony Brook. The hotel does have a shuttle service to pick up and drop off guests at the Stony Brook LIRR station, the Port Jefferson ferry, and the Islip MacArthur airport.

Nearby Restaurants: Here is a Google map showing restaurants near the hotel: the most accessible to pedestrians are Chili's and Quizno's. Here is a Google map showing restaurants near the SCGP: the nearest are Green Cactus Grill, Centara Thai Cuisine and The Station Pizza. A bit farther, a local favorite is Mirabelle.


AGNES is a series of weekend workshops in algebraic geometry. One of our goals is to introduce graduate students to a broad spectrum of current research in algebraic geometry. AGNES is held twice a year at participating universities in the Northeast.

Scientific Committee:

Dan Abramovich (Brown), Joe Harris (Harvard), Aise Johan de Jong (Columbia),

Mikhail Kapranov (Yale), János Kollár (Princeton), James McKernan (MIT)

Organizing committee: Dan Abramovich (Brown), Arend Bayer (UConn), Alexander Braverman (Brown), Sam Grushevsky (Stony Brook), Paul Hacking (UMass Amherst), Milena Hering (UConn), Mikhail Kapranov (Yale), James McKernan (MIT), Sam Payne (Yale), Jason Starr (Stony Brook), Jenia Tevelev (UMass Amherst).

Poster session: We will hold a poster session on Saturday afternoon.

Registered Participants

    • Dan Abramovich (Brown)

    • Valery Alexeev (University of Georgia)

    • Omar Antolin Camarena (Harvard)

    • Maxim Arap (Johns Hopkins University)

    • Kenneth Ascher (Stony Brook University)

    • Atanas Atanasov (Harvard University)

    • Anant Atyam (Stony Brook University)

    • Benjamin Bakker (New York University)

    • Soumya Banerjee (Yale University)

    • Arend Bayer (UConn)

    • Roya Beheshti (Washington University)

    • Charlie Beil (Simons Center)

    • Anna Bertiger (Cornell)

    • Anupam Bhatnagar (New York University)

    • Thomas Bitoun (MIT)

    • Barbara Bolognese (Northeastern University)

    • Patrick Brosnan (University of Maryland / University of British Columbia)

    • Yuri Burda (University of Toronto)

    • Michael Burr (Fordham University)

    • Eduardo Cattani (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

    • Qile Chen (Columbia University)

    • Dawei Chen (Boston College)

    • Linda Chen (Swarthmore College)

    • Xiaoshuang Chen (Brown University)

    • Adrian Clingher (University of Missouri, St Louis)

    • Yaim Cooper (Princeton)

    • Stephen Coughlan (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

    • Maria Angelica Cueto (Columbia University)

    • Bruno De Oliveira (New York University)

    • Anand Deopurkar (Harvard University)

    • Gennaro Di Brino (Yale)

    • Gabriele Di Cerbo (Princeton University)

    • Chris Dionne (Queen's University)

    • Fabrizio Donzelli (CRM)

    • Shashank Dwivedi (MIT)

    • Ryan Eberhart (University of Pennsylvania)

    • Abigail Ebin (Yale)

    • Giovanni Faonte (Yale)

    • Maksym Fedorchuk (Columbia University)

    • Javier Fernandez de Bobadilla (ICMAT CSIC)

    • Giorgia Fortuna (MIT)

    • Tyler Foster (Yale)

    • Tamar Friedmann (University of Rochester)

    • Mihai Fulger (University of Michigan)

    • Alberto Garcia-Raboso (University of Pennsylvania

    • Noah Giansiracusa (University of Zurich)

    • W. Danny Gillam (Brown)

    • Eugene Gorsky (Stony Brook University)

    • Frank Gounelas (Oxford U. and Columbia University)

    • Nathan Grieve (Queen's University)

    • Samuel Grushevsky (Stony Brook University)

    • Paul Hacking (UMass)

    • Cheng Hao (Stony Brook University)

    • Joe Harris (Harvard University)

    • Hilaf Hasson (University of Pennsylvania)

    • Milena Hering (UConn)

    • Wei Ho (Columbia University)

    • Elham Izadi (University of Georgia)

    • David Jensen (SUNY Stony Brook)

    • Jennifer Johnson (Princeton University)

    • Shin-Yao Jow (University of Pennsylvania)

    • Ljudmila Kamenova (Stony Brook University)

    • Mikhail Kapranov (Yale University)

    • Ilya Karzhemanov (NYU)

    • Jesse Kass (University of Michigan)

    • Anna Kazanova (UMass Amherst)

    • Amanda Knecht (Villanova University)

    • János Kollár (Princeton University)

    • Daniel Krashen (University of Georgia)

    • Raju Krishnamoorthy (Columbia University)

    • Abhinav Kumar (MIT)

    • Radu Laza (Stony Brook University)

    • Yoav Len (Yale)

    • John Lesieutre (MIT)

    • Zhiyuan Li (Rice university)

    • Dun Liang (Louisiana State University)

    • Yinbang Lin (Northeastern University)

    • Yu-Han Liu (Princeton University)

    • Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu (Columbia Unversity)

    • Tiankai Liu (MIT)

    • Jason Lo (University of Missouri)

    • Alberto Lopez Martin (Tufts University)

    • Parker Lowrey (University of Western Ontario)

    • Zhentao Lu (UPenn)

    • Ningning Ma (Brown University)

    • Ryan Manion (University of Pennsylvania)

    • Eyal Markman (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

    • Evgeny Mayanskiy (Pennsylvania State University)

    • Mikhail Mazin (Stony Brook University)

    • Patrick McFaddin (University of Georgia)

    • James McKernan (MIT)

    • Dimitrios Moirogiannis (Brown)

    • Han-Bom Moon (University of Georgia)

    • Ian Morrison (Fordham)

    • Ritwik Mukherjee (Stony Brook University)

    • Mircea Mustaţă (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

    • Andrei Negut (Harvard)

    • Benjamin Nill (Case Western Reserve University)

    • Xuanyu Pan (Columbia University)

    • Aigli Papantonopoulou (The College of New Jersey)

    • Jennifer Park (MIT)

    • Zsolt Patakfalvi (Princeton University)

    • Anand Patel (Harvard University)

    • Jeremy Pecharich (Mount Holyoke College)

    • Alex Perry (Harvard University)

    • Leonid Petrov (Northeastern University)

    • Nathan Pflueger (Harvard University)

    • Henry Pinkham (Columbia University)

    • Alexandra Popa (Stony Brook University)

    • Anatoly Preygel (MIT)

    • You Qi (Columbia University)

    • Claudiu Raicu (Princeton University)

    • Jenna Rajchgot (Cornell University)

    • Julie Rana (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

    • Dhruv Ranganathan (Harvey Mudd College)

    • Perales Raquel (Stony Brook University)

    • G.V. Ravindra (U Missouri -- St. Louis)

    • Eric Riedl (Harvard)

    • Alice Rizzardo (Columbia University)

    • Franco Rossi (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

    • Evangelos Routis (BROWN UNIVERSITY)

    • Giulia Sacca' (Princeton University)

    • Kevin Sackel (Stony Brook University)

    • Molcho Samouil (Brown University)

    • Luca Scala (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

    • Karl Schwede (Penn State)

    • Mingmin Shen (University of Cambridge)

    • Linhui Shen (Yale University)

    • Vivek Shende (MIT)

    • Charles Siegel (University of Pennsylvania)

    • Bhairav Singh (MIT)

    • Ilia Smirnov (Queen's University)

    • Lloyd Smith (Stony Brook)

    • Andrew Staal (Queen's University)

    • Jason Starr (Stony Brook University)

    • Jingzhou Sun (Johns Hopkins University)

    • Roberto Svaldi (MIT)

    • Sho Tanimoto (Courant Institute / NYU)

    • Joseph Tenini (University of Georgia)

    • Jenia Tevelev (Umass Amherst)

    • Michael Thaddeus (Columbia University)

    • Rebecca Tramel (University of Connecticut)

    • Linh Truong (Princeton University)

    • Oleksandr Tsymbaliuk (MIT)

    • Yu-Chao Tu (Princeton University)

    • Kevin Tucker (Princeton University)

    • Yu-jong Tzeng (Harvard University)

    • Martin Ulirsch (Brown University)

    • Stefano Urbinati (University of Utah)

    • Bart Van Steirteghem (Medgar Evers College CUNY)

    • Anthony Varilly-Alvarado (Rice University)

    • Bianca Viray (Brown University)

    • Oleg Viro (Stony Brook University)

    • MJ von Steinkirch (Stony Brook)

    • Botong Wang (Purdue University)

    • Xiaoheng Wang (Harvard University)

    • Jun Wen (Stony Brook University)

    • Lloyd West (CUNY Grad Center)

    • Bradley Willocks (Universiy of Massachusetts, Amherst)

    • Matthew Woolf (Harvard University)

    • Jie Xia (Columbia University)

    • Yanhong Yang (Columbia University)

    • Yaping Yang (Northeastern University)

    • Shilin Yu (Pennsylvania State University)

    • Dmitry Zakharov (Stony Brook University)

    • Zheng Zhang (Stony Brook University)

    • Letao Zhang (RICE UNIVERSITY)

    • Zili Zhang (Stony Brook University)

    • Gufang Zhao (Northeastern University)

    • Yi Zhu (Stony Brook University)

    • Zhixian Zhu (University of Michigan)

    • Runpu Zong (Princeton University)

    • Zhengyu Zong (Columbia University)