AGNES Summer School

on Higher Dimensional Moduli

Brown University, Providence, RI

August 16-19, 2022

Inspired by the highly successful Arizona Winter School in Arithmetic Geometry, this summer school will feature three mini-courses on different aspects of moduli of higher-dimensional varieties. A key component of the school will be afternoon working sessions, where participants will work together in groups on problems, ranging from exercises to open-ended examples and research problems, relating to the topics of the lectures.

This summer school is designed for graduate students who have completed a yearlong course covering the foundations of algebraic geometry (e.g., Hartshorne's Algebraic Geometry) and are working in the field.


Dori Bejleri: Moduli of stable (log) varieties

Moduli of stable (log) varieties or are the generalization of the Deligne-Mumford-Knudsen space of (pointed) stable curves to higher dimensions. They provide the natural compactification for moduli spaces of (log) general type varieties. After introducing stable (log) varieties, we will discuss some of the tools and techniques that are used to study these moduli spaces with an emphasis on explicit examples.

Video of Lecture 1

Video of Lecture 2

Video of Lecture 3

Video of Lecture 4

Kristin DeVleming: K-moduli spaces and K-stability of Fano varieties

The "right" stability notion to impose to construct well-behaved moduli spaces of Fano varieties and log Fano pairs turns out to be K-stability, a notion with origins in differential geometry. We will discuss algebraic definitions of K-stability along with several tools to determine whether or not a given variety is K-(semi)stable. We will also discuss constructions of K-moduli spaces in general along with wall crossing for K-moduli spaces of log Fano pairs, and provide many examples along the way.

Video of Lecture 1

Video of Lecture 2

Video of Lecture 3

Video of Lecture 4

James McKernan: Introduction to MMP and moduli

We will introduce some of the techniques of birational geometry necessary to construct moduli spaces of higher dimensional varieties.

Video of Lecture 1

Video of Lecture 2

Working session advisors

Nathan Chen (Harvard)

Giovanni Inchiostro (Washington)

Lena Ji (Michigan)

Justin Lacini (Kansas)

Yuchen Liu (Northwestern)

Julie Rana (Lawrence)


Instructions for recommenders: All applicants must arrange to have a paragraph of recommendation sent in by their advisor to by June 1, 2022. This paragraph should (a) confirm that the applicant has the background in algebraic geometry and has started working on a thesis problem with them, and (b) describe how attending this conference will have a positive impact on the applicant.

Schedule - lectures in the Kassar House Foxboro Auditorium

If you have comments or feedback that you would like to see the organizers address during or after the week of the conference, you can submit it here: Anonymous feedback form

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Funding provided by the National Science Foundation and Brown University.

Conference organizers: Dan Abramovich, Melody Chan, Brendan Hassett, Eric Larson and Isabel Vogt

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