Art Portfolio

Alex Les

My name is Alex Les and am a senior this year at Freeport High School. I’ve spent my whole life in Maine and live with my parents and younger brother. In school, I most enjoy my math and science classes, and I am part of the Freeport High School Model U.N. club. I run cross country in the fall and track during the spring. Outside of school, I like to go to the gym and to go outside to skateboard, snowboard, and mountain bike. I also enjoy spending time with my brother, my friends, and my girlfriend.

As an artist I like working with color and focusing on fine details. This year my interests have manifested themselves in a concentration on the human anatomy. This was the first year that I used paint sticks as medium, which has become one of my favorites. I enjoy working with my hands directly on the canvas and the freedom of color inherent to paint. The lack of ability to create precise detail has challenged me, but ultimately forced me to strengthen other aspects of my artistic ability and has let me create more expression and personal voice. My favorite piece that I have created is called Breathe, which depicts the the neck muscles of a person in blue, against a purple background. I like this piece because I feel that I was successful in creating my desired expression through the lense of my concentration. Abstract expression is most difficult for me and I find it difficult to harmonize freely flowing colors and patterns, but I strive to improve in this aspect and continue to attempt such harmony in my work. Art is important to me because it provides an unlimited means of visual expression. I find it is one of the few outlets where my creativity can be completely raw; an opportunity that I have cherished throughout my artistic career. I have enjoyed this year particularly because it is the first in which I have been able to do independent projects. While there are certainly difficulties in being able to create anything at all, I have found my concentration to be a helpful guide.