Middle School Handbook


Roxburgh College is committed to providing you with a safe and challenging learning environment with plenty of opportunities to learn and achieve your best. During the first 3 years of secondary school, our aim is to build a foundation of essential attitudes, skills and knowledge within our students. In particular, we focus on teaching you how to read and write the language of each of the disciplines you will be studying at school. 

The world is changing and we aim to motivate and ignite your curiosity. We will provide you with opportunities to engage in real life investigations paying special attention to concepts and issues that are current and relevant to life in the 21st Century. You will use your device (tablet / laptop) to connect you to exciting possibilities around learning and expression. We want you to develop your creativity and one way you will do this is through our instrumental music program. Our aim is to build well rounded citizens and we do this by our broad curriculum, our strong focus on literacy, curiosity and numeracy and our commitment to teaching personal and social responsibility. 

The Middle School is the middle phase of your schooling which commences after you leave Primary School. As you enter Secondary College you will have the support of your Homeroom Teachers to help you settle into your new environment. The Middle School covers the important Year 7, 8 and 9 levels before you move into the Senior School at Year 10. To meet everyone’s right to a safe and stimulating learning environment we all need to embrace the important values of respect and responsibility.

Middle School Focus

During this important year we will encourage you to learn about the nature and shape of our world through reading and writing. You will create new friendships with your peers and build positive connections with your new teachers. We will encourage you to think for yourself, to participate in our school community and to make effective choices. You will produce interesting and creative work by yourself and with others. 

During this year we will encourage you to explore and trial new skills, ideas and knowledge. In particular you will be exploring how to be a healthy and responsible citizen. We will provide you with opportunities to explore your intellectual, social, physical and creative and through your positive behaviour and attitude we will ensure that everyone feels safe to take risks and try new things. 

During this year we will provide you with opportunities for personal and social development through a range of experiences and special events. Our aim is to help you to realise your talents, strengths and interests and to build your understanding of the world, our community and the environment. We will encourage our Year 9s to be respectful of diversity and to make a difference to their community 

School Values

Middle School students are expected to abide by the school values of respect and responsibility and be aware the rights of everyone in this learning community 


While at school you are expected to:


You have the responsibility to participate in all learning opportunities and:


You have a right to a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment:

Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility 

Learning personal and social responsibility - Respect is the beginning

We build our students’ sense of personal and social responsibility by explicitly using this model in all of our classes. We encourage our students to move through the different levels to Level 4 Caring and Helpful.