Policy Reviews

Here you will find policies that are being reviewed and developed by the Board of Trustees

With New Policies:

  • Please download a copy of the new policy if you want a copy for your own use.
  • Make any suggestions or comments in writing and either hand into the office or email to: winnie@rhodestreet.school.nz Please include your name and contact details.

With Current Policies:

  • If the policy is a current one then you can access it and comment on it through our School Docs site.
  • Log on with: rhodest and use the password: respect.
  • Enter the site and go to: Policies Under Review.
  • Read the existing policy and use the feedback button to provide your feedback to the Board.

Thank you for your input and time, it is appreciated and helps the Board reflect our school community and its beliefs and views through our policy decision making.

New Draft Policy Requiring Community Consultation

Date: 14 October 2019

Policy: CCTV Policy (Draft)

Consultation Timeframe: 15 October to 15 November 2020.

Policy approved and accepted by the Rhode Street School Board of Trustees 28th November 2019.

Policy will be implemented by 28th January 2020.