Our Matauranga Learning

"We are all learners at Rhode Street School."

  • Our learning is ākonga-centred and ākonga voiced in partnership with our kaiako, whānau and the wider community.

  • Matauranga Māori is taught alongside and strengthens our localised curriculum.

  • Our learning is linked to the New Zealand Curriculum with authentic contexts that engage all learners to utilise the Key Competencies necessary for lifelong learning.

  • Our learning is meaningful, has a purpose and is well resourced at all levels.

  • Our learning is Future Focused and encompasses S.T.E.M. as a key component in preparing our learners for the world they will live in.

  • Our learning includes teaching Aotearoa / NZ Histories.

  • Our learning utilises and embeds Matauranga Māori through the science and numeracy curriculums such as teaching rongoa and pāngarau inenga tinana alongside medicinal medicine and spatial measurements and navigation.

  • Our learning includes our kaiako and support staff, whanau, and community members actively learning alongside and with our ākonga.

  • Our learning incorporates real-life experiences, problem-solving and building a better world to live and prosper in as a contributor and as innovators.