Click the Schedule tile.

You can select a tile under a specific child’s name or under the View All Students heading. If you wish to select a different student’s information, you can do so by selecting that student’s name at the top left of the screen.

Alternatively, you can navigate to Menu Button -> Family Access -> Scheduling and then select Current Schedule under Features.

A video tutorial for Viewing cURRENT sCHEDULES

You see the Student Schedule screen, which displays a heading with the child's name, the school where the child is enrolled, and the current school year.

You can choose the appropriate View option from the drop-down list near the top left of the screen to display a Weekly Schedule or an All Year schedule. The Weekly Schedule View option enables you to specify which week's schedule you wish to view by selecting the appropriate month and week from the drop-down lists. The All Year View option displays schedules for the entire year.

At the left of the screen, you see your child's courses ordered by class period and by days of the week the schedule is in effect. If the child has different schedules for different days of the week, a unique schedule is displayed for each. Each class on the schedule displays information such as the Course code, class Section, and the teacher.

The image below displays Stephanie Adams's schedule for the week.

Click the course you wish to view additional details for.

  • A pop-up window displays a heading with the course name and fields for Teacher, Section Code, Display Period, Times, Days, Dates, Building, Room, Curriculum, and Extension.

  • When you are finished viewing course information, click Close near the bottom right of the window.

To modify the size of the schedule, click Settings near the top right of the screen.

  • A pop-up window displays the Schedule Matrix Display Settings screen.

  • Select the Small, Medium, or Large radio button to adjust the size of the schedule.

    • Note: This only effects how the schedule displays in the system. It does not impact the size of the schedule when printed.

  • Click near the bottom right of the window when you are finished.

Choose one of the options near the top right of the screen to print a child's schedule.

  • Print Schedule List

    • A new tab opens in your browser, which displays the child's schedule and courses. Continue to the next sub-step.

  • Print All Schedule Matrices

    • You would select this option to print all of your children's schedules if you have one or more children. Verify you have selected View All at the top left of the screen if you wish to print all of your children's schedules. Alternatively, you can select Print Schedule Matrix to the right of each child's name to print each child's schedule individually. The download process begins and the file opens.