We are working harder than ever to use our resources to make supporting a children's soccer team easy for you: #CoachAssist

We offer training, weekly on-field support, player discounts, & more as part of our Coach Assist commitment to our volunteers.

We are asking for a couple of hours of your week, so we can continue to provide the youth of your community with the very best community soccer program in the area. 

The shirt & the warm fuzzy feeling are yours to keep!

All team volunteers need to create a profile for coaching & register before each season. If you are registering children, you can do it at the same time (see the REGISTRATION button)! If you missed this, create or log into your PowerUp Member Zone profile, select "I want to Help" from the left-hand side of your screen & follow the prompts.

Once you have submitted your information, please wait for Approval. After we set up your team, we will assign you to it, and you will find your roster, schedule, and all the information you need to help your team out within your PowerUp Member Zone profile.

Developed over 20 years of experience, our Coach Assist program is designed to help your comfort level on the field & as a bonus, offers our annual Discounted January Early Registration Access.

We also offer a 50% rebate on the players' registration fees for Fully Qualified coaches on teams they coach - far below.

Ready to start? 

Take the first step on your coaching pathway with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) using the online modules below:

Training required by Canada Soccer:

Want more? Good for you; good for our kids!
Read on:

Canada Soccer Coach Education Minimum Standards - Posted by EMSA Jan 30, 2023

The Canada Soccer Safe Sport Roster is a progressive package of programs, policies, and procedures designed to ensure that organizations that offer soccer programming in Canada create safe, fun, developmentally appropriate, inclusive, accessible, and welcoming experiences for all participants. For amateur soccer organizations in Canada, the expansion of the Canada Soccer Youth Club Licensing Program, as a requirement of membership, has been implemented as a direct result of the unanimous adoption of the Canada Soccer Safe Sport Roster at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Members.

Ahead of the start of the 2023 soccer season, all member organizations (clubs and academies) that offer youth soccer programming in a Canada Soccer Member Association Province and Territory will be required to meet the minimum Standards of Quality Soccer to be recognized as Quality Soccer Provider within the Canada Soccer Youth Club Licensing Program and in support of the guiding principles of the Safe Sport Roster. Within the Standards for Quality Soccer, it is required that coaches are trained and/or certified appropriately for the program(s) in which they coach and aligned to the Canada Soccer Safe Sport Roster. The minimum standards are further defined below for the 2023 playing season.

Grassroots/Competitive Streams
(AKA:Developmental, Dev/Comp, Rep. Representational)

Full Safe Sport Roster – Required Training

Completion of the above likely makes you a FULLY QUALIFIED TEAM OFFICIAL!
Which would qualify you for money back on your player registration!

Grassroots – Community Streams
(AKA: Recreational or House League)

Modified Safe Sport Roster – Required Training

Highly Recommended Training

4. Stage-appropriate Canada Soccer Grassroots Coach Education – Theory Module (Active Start, Fundamentals, Learn to Train, Soccer for Life)

5. Stage-appropriate Canada Soccer Grassroots Coach Education – Practical Module (Active Start, Fundamentals, Learn to Train, Soccer for Life)

What does it take to become a Fully Qualified Team Official?

Contact us via to learn about the player fee benefits and requirements of participating in our Fully Qualified Team Official Program, how it differs from meeting the CSA's Modified online requirements, and how to register with us to receive your Reward$ and #SWAG).