Outdoor Community Soccer💚 

Our Outdoor Offering:

Annually, we run Community Recreational Soccer across the north end of London for ages 3-18. Active Start for pre-league exploration & development, then house league for U7 through U18. 

Our soccer fields are all south of Sunningdale Road and north of Oxford Street. They can be found between Highbury Rd & Hyde Park Rd. Field location is determined based on your postal code. 

Most fields and goals are sized by Stage of Development outlined in the Ontario Soccer Matrix and in compliance with our Canada Soccer Quality Soccer Provider standing.

Consequently, not all parks are available for use by all divisions. They are colour-coded on the map for your convenience. Additionally, not all fields are used every year, and sometimes, our City allocation can change.

NorWest Soccer Rec. Field Map 

We also host Development/Competitive Representational Soccer for players & coaches who want to explore a higher level of soccer by registering in the EMDSL(league) as well as all of the courses required to coach locally.
Check our Representational and Coach Course web pages to learn more.

Annual House League Registration Schedule:

2024 Season Outline:

Recreational Webpages by Stage of Development:

2020=U4, 2019=U5, 2018=U6

 2017=U7, 2016=U8, 2015=U9

2013=U11, 2012=U12

2011 & 2010=U14
High Schooler 7v.7

Play Night Goals
for 2024

⬅️ This represents our scheduling GOALS.

Player registrations can affect their practical application since they affect team & division sizes, affecting our field use/availability.

Please know IF changes are made, they are never our first choice & are only made out of desperation to provide soccer for our community.

The division tables offer you a quick look at 2024. Changes are usually minimal from year to year.
Please visit our division-specific web pages linked above for more information about each division.

During peak periods, office assistance may not be readily available by phone or email as club administration will focus on the finer details you have come to trust and appreciate about our programming.
To use our resources as efficiently as possible, we offer comprehensive web pages as well as your PowerUp MemberZone for answers to common inquiries. If you are unable to find answers online, watch for our email autoreply. It offers links to help you find things independently.

What Division should my child be in?: 

Like school, soccer Divisions are separated by the year of a player's birth. Our registration system is designed to offer you only the programming for your child's birth year to help you find where your player should be placed without worry.

We have colour-coded stages of development & divisions below to match the Ontario Soccer Matrix.

To determine age groups any year; Subtract the birth year from the year the season ends (Year Season Ends – Birth Year = Age Group):
2023 (Season) – 2009 (Birth Year) = U14 (Age Group). Indoor Season: 2022-2023 (Season) – 2016 (Birth Year) = U7 (Age Group)

Each stage in the Soccer Matrix (linked above) is important for a player's long-term development. We work hard to avoid combining divisions everywhere possible because of this. Playing Up and Playing Down refers to players playing in a division outside their birth year. We do not recommend Playing Up for convenience purposes for these same reasons. Playing Down is similarly discouraged.
Note: Requests to Play Down can be arranged under special circumstances. They require a meeting with our executive director and may require a doctor's recommendation letter outlining their reasoning.

Annual Outdoor Season Outline: