Preferred Training Model

What is PTM?

The Preferred Training Model (also known as the Preferred Development Model by Ontario Soccer) is a rotation-based training method we adopted in 2018 from Canada Soccer to replace our U7-U12 practices. Alberta Soccer has a terrific video about it on YouTube. Click above to learn more!

We use Canada Soccer's Preferred Training Model because it best supports our volunteer coaches which can't help but grow our community commitment to soccer. It allows us to motivate and engage both players and coaches and allows us the flexibility to manage the varying number of players and coaches we may have weekly. Our Technical Leaders can design training for local parent volunteer coaches that is current, age-appropriate & LTPD approved. 

PTM maximizes the resources we have for your children!

For Coaches:

PTM allows our CSA trained technical leaders to oversee the long term development of our volunteer coaches in a relaxed environment without necessitating the expense of equipment & courses for all coaches. Additionally, it spreads the more experienced coaches over the entire division, while providing us the opportunity to mentor less experienced coaches, helping them to coach confidently;  running effective sessions regardless of their experience & without feeling they've been thrown into the deep end!

For Players:

PTM offers structured training that reduces "downtime" at practices, while coaches set up their next activity, allowing players to be constantly challenged over the course of the practice. It also allows for more consistent training over the entire program and for all players to be coached by our more experienced coaches with their teammates.