Objectives of Our Program

We repeat...

for every boy that quits sport

...there are two girls that quit.

The Keeping Girls in Sport (online course) was created to help everyone who coaches girls, even parents, understand how girls develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. When we understand how and why girls play we can help every young athlete stay in sport, reach their potential, and remain active long after the competitions end. Finally becoming the next generation of inspiring female coaches and role models. 

Find the Coaches Association of Ontario and Change the Game - Change the Conversation report here.

Our objective is to recruit and retain more women to coach girls’ teams, which will lead to higher female participation. We need to increase the volume of women involved in coaching to provide our girls with role models and the opportunity to envision themselves as future leaders and coaches. As stated by LaVoi and Leberman in the Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching “a lack of women coaches also means girls have few, if any, active female role models, therefore making it less likely that girls will view coaching as a viable and available career pathway”. It's our intention to disrupt this cycle.

Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes of #FemalesForwardFootball


1. To develop female soccer coaches, who in turn will act as educators and mentors to players;

2. To create a supportive, female coaching culture within the club, and, perhaps, in turn, the district;

3. To encourage more female soccer coaches and referees locally in order to provide role models.


To prepare female soccer coaches & referees for future courses and coaching.


1. Increase the number of female soccer coaches and referees in the coaching stream;

2. Increase the number of female soccer coaches & referees interested in participating in our Female Mentorship Program;

3. Increase the number of female soccer coaches influencing players locally.