Club Info

We are proudly a community service club program,

begun by the Nor'West Optimist Club & serving local youth since 1979, we remain a:

"Not-for-profit, volunteer-run, community-benefiting, youth soccer club"

That's a mouthful: what does it mean?

It means we bring F.A.I.R. soccer to local children! We have been doing it since 1979 (only then, it was from Bruce Johnson's garage). It means we take the money we earn from registration and redistribute it to cover the costs a player incurs for a soccer season.

Broadly, this covers:

Most of our volunteers are community parents of players who squeeze time in between work, family obligations, and carpooling. With our roots in Optimism, we work hard to set a good example for the kids with these other projects that positively impact their community:

Soccer is an excellent gift for kids! It provides fitness, friendship, physical literacy, and a sense of community that stretches worldwide! It does all that and helps kids make better choices when faced with the tough decisions that youth are sometimes faced with. 

We are proud to offer this to our community and proud of the NW volunteers who help us bring this gift to community players! They are the reason we can offer such an excellent experience for kids.
Please be sure to thank the volunteers you see in your soccer community this season!

For details on how to become one of our Everyday Heroes, please email

Mission Statement

NorWest Soccer is focused on providing an enjoyable and inspiring soccer experience for all players, from Active Start to Soccer for Life. By developing the total person, Soccer can be the vehicle for countless lessons both on and off the field. By offering quality programs designed to meet the needs of all levels of play, we strive to develop all participants so that they can reach their full potential, and in the end, watch the player grow and thrive in the environment provided by the game.

We will accomplish this with P.R.I.D.E.

To promote a club atmosphere where participants are focused on a player-first mentality while fostering each individual's love for the game! Realizing we measure success by the influence and participation in the game for life, not by trophies or championships.


To ensure that the Club has the financial, physical, and voluntary resources to meet the needs and demands for high-quality soccer programs.


Provide an environment with moral standards and principles, realizing the opportunity the game provides for life lessons both on and off the field.


Development of players, coaches, and officials focused on the key components of the game (Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological).


To provide the opportunity for all players with an environment where positive reinforcement and the freedom to learn through the game is recognized.

Please contact with any inquiries.