U.S. Forum Connection

Dr. Tracie Metz

Dr. Tracie Metz, Alpha Iota

The purpose of the United States Forum is to identify major issues affecting women, children, and education upon which the United States members may take action. All DKG members (US) belong to the US Forum.

Website: www.dkgusforum.org

Facebook: https://facebook.com/DKG.US.Forum;


Here are the latest updates from the US Forum.

Below is the latest edition of the US Forum newsletter, Connection. This issue highlights articles about the recently held 2024 National Legislative Seminar and information about nominating and electing the members of the Steering committee for 2024-2026.

With the month of May designated Mental Health Awareness month by the federal agency, SAMHSA. Their website contains a myriad of resources for individuals, families, and organizations and can be shared with others who need this information. 

Here are just a few of the many topics on this resource site that might be helpful for our NC educators:

FINAL MAY 2024 Connection.pdf