Membership/Expansion Committee

Goals for the Biennium:

Membership & Expansion Committee Goals

Membership of the Membership/Expansion Committee, 2023-2025: 

Tammy Cullom, Chair

Rev. Charlotte Brendel

Dr. Rhonda Hager

Linda Soble

Nikki Van Skike

Carolyn Vincent

Ex officio

Hilda Parlér, NC DKG President

Tammy Cullom
Nikki Van Skike
Rev. Charlotte Brendel
Carolyn Vincent
Dr. Rhonda Hager
Hilda Parlér
Linda Soble

Information from the Membership/Expansion Committee:

Chapter membership award certificate description

Chapter membership award certificate

Death of a Member

Chapters should send in the Report of a Death of a  Member (Form 6) as soon as possible to four persons: 

  1) NC DKG Treasurer, Leslie Black

  2)  International Society Headquarters

  3) NC DKG President Hilda Parlér 

  4)  NC DKG Membership Chairman, Tammy Cullom

Form 6 can be completed on the International website (Sign in to before clicking on this link)

Form 2 is not required to be submitted to NC DKG Officers

In addition to a copy of Form 6, a written biographical tribute should be sent to the NC DKG Membership Chairman. 


A biographical sketch (tribute) should be written upon the death of a member by a chapter member who knew of the deceased member’s professional and personal accomplishments. 

The following items can be included in the sketch (tribute):