Rules Committee

Goals for the Biennium:

Members of the Rules Committee 2023-2025: 

Barbara Perry-Sheldon, Chair

Genia Hester

Dr. Angela Hill

Lori Holguin

Ex officio without vote

​Betty Marshall, NC DKG State Parliamentarian

Ex officio

Hilda Parlér, NC DKG President 

Dr. Barbara Perry-Sheldon
Lori Hoguin
Genia Hester
Betty Marshall
Dr. Angela Hill
Hilda Parlér

Information from the Rules Committee: 

Email to  Chapter Presidents Regarding Rules Review

Our governing documents ask that chapter rules be reviewed every four years.   Chapter rules must be consistent with the International Constitution and our NC Bylaws and Standing Rules and must be updated to reflect changes.  


To facilitate the updating and review the Rules Committee has created two documents:  one is a checklist that reflects changes passed at the 2022 International convention and the other is a discussion guide.  Both documents are attached to this email and both are posted on the NC DKG website.


The following are the steps for this review and the timeline:

1)    Review your chapter rules using the checklist, checking the items with which your rules comply.  The discussion guide may be useful in this step as well.  Working with your chapter make any needed changes to your rules. 

2)    By March 1 email a copy of your chapter’s updated rules and a copy of the completed checklist to the member of the Rules Committee responsible for reviewing chapter rules from your region (see list below).  Be sure to clearly label the chapter name and region on both the rules and the checklist.  

3)    Members of the Rules Committee will acknowledge receipt of your documents. Each will complete the review of her designated chapters/regions by the 2024 state convention. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.


With appreciation for your leadership in your chapter,




Member of Rules Committee and the Regions to Review

Angela Hill


Genia Hester


Lori Holguin


Barbara Perry-Sheldon